The Welcoming Edition patch notes have been posted. This update includes new daily bonuses, a welcome screen, new Treasure Isles merchants, and craftable Meownts!

Arriving on 4/14/15, this week's patch is a bit more robust than last week's anemic update. Included are some fishing nerfs, new fish to catch, ship cannons, changes to Tentacle of Q'bthulhu drops, and a Treasure Isle dungeon from developer Grumpntug.

WiccaWonder just added a building guide to our guides section. Want to master working with liquids and organic blocks in your club world? Take a look!

A look at what this week brought us: developer interviews, glimpses of the new UI, April's best club creations, a cancelled livestream, and more.

Trion has selected their favorite creations from the month of April! Don't forget to check out our club worlds database here on Trovesaurus.

Due to some software issues, the developer team wasn't able to stream today. Pending further misfortune, next week's stream will run as usual.

Not much wind in tomorrow's patch's sails, unfortunately. Maintenance should run for its usual three hours, starting at 7:00 AM PST.

Congratulations to dkviterna, who won a Block Beard's Pirate Pack! Thanks to all who entered, and remember to check back for future giveaways!

Due to having Friday off, the dev team snuck in a Thursday livestream. Featuring a dog in a pirate hat, mention of an achievement system, and talk of the next big update!

Tired of your Shadow Hunter? Ashamed of your SS Dingy? Head over to the Trovesaurus Pirate Pack Giveaway page and enter for a chance to win a Block Beard's Pirate Pack!

Another hotfix was released today, addressing UI scaling and several other minor issues.

Claim your share of the legendary pirate's plunder today!

Do you yearn for the high seas? Win a Pirate Captain (and a other great stuff) in Kiwi and EnemyEx's giveaway!

The quiet before the storm! The Trovian seas were relatively calm this week, with the usual patch and hotfix releases, database updates, and crafting and developer livestreams.

The SS Dutchman.

Rare is rare! Brian, Adam, Ted, and Andrew showed off some imminent Fish 'N' Ships content in today's developer livestream.

A minor hotfix was deployed today.

Another Fish 'N' Ships preview has washed ashore! Can you weather the last week before the big update?

Interested in designing items in Trove? Get your voxels ready for Atronos and some pirate item madness!

The Chaos Factor Edition patch notes have been released. Get ready for early access to boats and the implementation of Chaos Factor! Maintenence will start at 7:00AM PST and should last for approximately 4 hours.


Another busy week for Trove. Fish N' Ships news and previews, patch problems, forum problems, public test servers, free credits, and the first Trovesaurus giveaway winner!


Trovesaurus News manager and author of the Shapestone Journal.


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