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This is a comment on Negative Karma section, does it still work as a commenting feature?

Commented on: Rise of the Undead art

liked this! Really good creation, well done :) The colours are great and the skeleton and zombies are spooks :)

Commented on: They have met a terrible monster! art

liked this! Those poor adventurers, very cute :)

Commented on: my own Stack o' Lantern art

liked this! Wee a fantastic creation :)

Commented on: halloweeeee.png art

liked this! I love this so much, very pretty image, the colours and shading are great. I love the character, the cute pumpkin face and the ghosts, also RIP Lapfox!

Commented on: Elysia - Sun Goddess Plush art


Yeah Elysia is Sun and Elsphodel is Moon.

Commented on: The Fiery Race! art

liked this! Wee I love seeing timelapses, the colours on the fire wings and great and always love your facial expressions :)

Commented on: fire_vs_ice.jpg art

liked this! The poses and armors and great Kitumi :)

Commented on: Dracolyte Vs Ice sage art

liked this! This is a cute style, great job :)

Commented on: Freezing Embers art

liked this! The ice feels very cold, great job Future :)

Commented on: Fire Dragon vs Ice Dragon art

liked this! Is lovely :)

Commented on: We are not enemies, we are friends! art

liked this! Wee cosy dragon times :)

Commented on: fire_IS.png art

liked this! Love the lighting (and legs) musuron :)

Commented on: A_Battle_of_Fire_and_Ice art

liked this! I love this, cute characters and then dangerous characters :)

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Probably next March.