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It was an error on my part not saying up to x amount, for the amount of entries we have we've always tried to scale the amount of rewards appropriately and for this challenge we didn't have quite so many.

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It has ended, results will be out this weekend.

Commented on: Dangerous Dinosly art

liked this! So smol, wee :)

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liked this! Wee cute qubes in costume and foot friend

Commented on: Cowasaurs and Dinoboys art

liked this! Love his cute fat belly :)

Commented on: Lunar Plunge (3d Printing) art

liked this! Wee models <3

Commented on: Lunar Howl art

liked this! Love the colours and characters in this, really great job :)

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liked this! Great detail here, love the corpse in the background and outfit, great job.

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Thanks for the comment, I've updated this text to what I found imported now :)

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liked this! Love this well put together scene but I feel so sorry for the wolf pup :( the cutey

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I've checked with the team and updated with a close date.

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Reported that it's still happening, and that it can happen even on friends list with very small numbers.

Pic from Jul 21

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liked this! Really detailed and fantastic as always, good job :)

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liked this! Love the colours in this, so moody and green :)