Reeling in the Stars

Reeling in the Stars - Star Chart

Thanks to ab and Ylva for helping me with information to understand the update.

Crafters Corner

New top floor.

Lift going up.

The Grand Orrery

Interacting opens the Star Chart.

Star Chart

Three branches can be upgraded.

Constellation Key

Celestial Sphere

Astral Echoes

Players' experience on PTS was that the number of Astral Echoes received in Dungeons and Delves was between 20 and 40, with 20-30 being more often. The reward felt like it was time-gated similar to Chaos Chests by spacing out the rewards every 5 minutes. Also, they feel like they will have a weekly soft cap.

Celestial Spheres New Celestial Spheres Total Astral Echoes Cost Astral Echoes Total
+3 3 N/A (Flux) 0
+2 5 +1100 1100
+2 7 +2200 3300
+3 10 +2800 6100
+5 15 +3000 9100
+12 27 +3750 12850
+6 33 +5000 17850
+4 37 +7500 25350
+3 40 +15000 40350

Constellation Keys Needed

TODO (lots)

The Celestial

Starbert The Celestial's 2nd Cousin

Found on the roof above the Celestial.

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Please fix echoes total calc, does not multiply to amount of spheres at this moment. As well, could be added the total number of keys?