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 This guide is to help out players to be more succesfull in The Shadow Tower's 2nd Boss Battle "The Weeping Prophet"

If you've been having difficulty on surviving her attacks, read this guide and learn the ways to assassinate her as quick as possible.

All you need to learn is here and do rate if you liked it and thought if this was useful, I don't really force but it makes me happy just to see some of you guys to read my work and thanks, peace out!

Shadow Tower Guide: "Weeping Prophet"

Daughter of The Moon

Of course by now you all are already familiar with this creature from the Shadow Tower. She is none other than the Weeping Prophet.

If you enter a Shadow Tower EASY Mode on her picture, it is the equivalent difficulty to U3 which you might think is easy enough with all your Shadow Level 5 or maybe Radiant gear. Well think again, The Weeping Prophet came prepared she got attacks you wont predict.



  • Weeping Prophet's Abilities

The first time you encounter her, she wont do anything too special but later on she's start doing her special abilities. Here is a list of her abilities and how to deal with them.


  • Eye Minions 

At a certain point when her HP reaches a certain threshold, she'll start to spawn in her minions which are creatures shaped like Eye of Qthubulu's. She will spawn about 8-10 or sometimes more Eyes, these Eyes will focus on one player and attack him/her with Magic Damage. The best way to deal with these eyes are to seperate your pack/group of Trovians in the Shadow Tower so basically some players should deal with the eyes and the rest deal with the Weeping Prophet


  • Shadow Tears

This is surely an ability of her's that can kill, this ability is hinted when her body is bowing down and one of her tentacles is in her face as if she's crying, then purple shadowy like particles will appear and soon enough Purple-ish bombs will float down from her which deal high amounts of damage to enemies and this is what usually kills players the most (well so far as I've seen). So what's the best way to evade this? 

Simple just make sure you have a high amount of jump and jump up till the size of her head which is about 4-6 jumps and stay in that altitude until the shadowy particles and the purple-ish bombs dissapear. Its like they always say....Jump for joy and never come back down.


  • Eye Lasers

Now this ability is usually used when her HP is below half. This ability sends her two giant eyes down to the ground and as soon as those eyes hit the ground, they'll begin shooting in lazers to some directions usually "Left, Right, Up". These eyes lasts for about 5-7 seconds or so but they are really easy to evade.

To evade them, simply take back the technique on evading the Shadow Tears. By jumping as high as the height of her head is and making sure you aren't below one of the eyes as the eyes shoot directly upwards them too. Once you've done this, you'll still be able to spam attack her while spamming the jump button to keep you in the height you need to be. Once her eyes return back to her, she'll usually summon her Eye Minions not long after. Its as always they say....when you jump, you jump like you're flying.


  • Normal Attacks

 Her normal attacks shouldn't be too much of a bother as they don't deal insane amounts of damage, well that is if you came prepared with the right gear of course. Her normal hits are hinted by her smacking you with her tentacle, also take note that she doesn't really knock you back that far so your Stability doesn't really need to be that high but just in case, raise that stat because you never really know what could happen.


Recommended Squad Setup

In a Squad or a Party/Group for the Shadow Tower's Pinnacle Boss which is the one and only Weeping Prophet, it is most recommended to bring along friends with these classes and also make sure they are prepared for the dangers that await them

  • Ice Sage: This class can help freeze her and her Eye Minions while others can deal damage and not to mention this class also slows them down. :/ 

  • Candy Barbarian: This class can deal tons of damage and has now cooldowns on his M2 and 1 skill which is good. His Eis Crom Cone ability can heal your Squad greatly and also boosting they're attack speed. <3

  • Boomeranger: Altough not too much of a recommendation, this class can helo only with its Mysterious Urn, the helpful ones from it are only it's healing crystals and chickens. :>

  • Tomb Raiser: This class is highly recommended because of its minions. The Grave Goliath ability of this class summons in a giant minion sacrificing other minions. A bunch of these Goliath's can cause havoc on the Weeping Prophet. O_o

  • Lunar Lancer: Altough it is weak, it's Ultimate Ability can support the other stronger classes especially the Candy Barbarian as his energy is low. The Lunar Lancer can be a great addition to the team so don't judge a class by its cover. Weaklings can be supporters to tough classes. >.<

  • Fae Trickster: Not a high recommendation but this class is still helpful as it can deal quite the damage with it's passive ability which is to boost damage when not attacked. This class is good for dealing those Eye Minions :P

  • Pirate Captain: How is this class useful? Well the Pirate Captain can summon in his cannon and his decoy...not to mention that Man O' War turret of his/her can deal massive damage to enemies....this class is recommended if you want a faster time killing the boss. X_x

  • Knight: Knights can be a great close range attacker and they can last long in battle thanks to they're Iron Will ability and plus they can stun enemies. ^_^

  • Dracolyte: These guys are the quite the tough one, just an endless barrage of fire to enemies. Make sure this one has a high Stability for it to function very well. It can last quite long in battle and has powerful magic damage




Well now that you know all the abilities of the Boss you're willing to fight and the recommended Classes to have in a're all set right? Well sort of, you're still missing something.....a strategy plan. Here's how I usually do it and with this tactic, battling this Titan should be easier than before.


Split your squad up into categories with certain jobs:

  • The Offensive Pushers: This category should consist of high damagers such as the Candy Barbarian, Knight, Dracolyte, and other heavy powerful classes.


  • The Defensive Supporters: This category should consist of weaker classes that can deal with the Eye Minions and should atleast be tough enough to handle them


  • The Healers: This category consists of classes that can heal and deal damage, this is important and vital when flasks run out so don't forget this category.


  • The Supporters: Supporters can consist of Buffers like the Lunar Lancer, having two Lunar Lancer's are already benefitial or a different supporter is the Ice Sage to freeze foes and slow them down


  • The Snipers: This category is optional but can be useful somewhat, put in Shadow Hunters, Gunslingers and other really long ranged classes.


This is the full on setup I use when I battled the Weeping Prophet in hard and easy mode on MAIN Server of Trove. Feel free to use this tactic and do comment in on what mistakes I may have wrote down...I am still new to this, I've only written two other guides about a different game.

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