Hey Trovians!
Happy World Bee Day!

Today we’re celebrating our friendly bees and raising awareness!
And what better time to do so than with a building contest!

That’s right, starting today until June 7, 2023, build one or more friendly bees around your cornerstone and club for a chance to win 3000 Credits!

How do I enter?

  1. Build one or more bees in Trove!
  2. The build can be interpreted by the builder and can be tiny or a gargantuan bee, the choice is yours, surprise us!
  3. Take a screenshot of your creation and post it on Discord in the #world-bee-day channel or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the #TroveWorldBeeDay hashtag!
  4. Include your Character Name, Platform, Region and build type (Club/Cornerstone) in your entry submissions.
  5. You’re good to go!

Are there any rules?

  1. Your build can be on either a Club or Cornerstone, but only one entry is allowed per participant.
  2. A small amount of editing is allowed, as long as your build remains fully visible.
  3. Content that is inappropriate or offensive is strictly forbidden.
  4. Entries that don’t include Character Name, Platform, Region and build type (Club/Cornerstone) will be considered as invalid entries.
  5. Builds that are pre-existing with contest requirements are still considered as valid.

What are the rewards?

Club entries:
3000 Credits for the top three (3) entries.

Cornerstone entries:
3000 Credits for the top three (3) entries.

Winners will be announced on June 14, 2023 on our website and social media platforms.*

* Rewards may take up to two (2) weeks to be delivered after the winners have been announced.

General Terms of Participation apply.

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