Hey Trovians!

Do you know this lovely adorable fellow called Lazulemuri?

No? Then let’s get the two of you acquainted!

“This little guy isn’t just cute, but also holds really useful Geode items in his… hands?
Miners once thought that they could exploit him, but realized quickly that he’s the furry version of a magpie.

Lazulemuri is one of the many Trove NPC you can find in the Hub, and this one might have just what you need for your Geode needs!

Want to know where you can find Lazulemuri?

Lazulemuri doesn’t seem to exactly like the sun, in fact, you may find him on the Western side of the Hub, below the Geodian & Delver’s Guild Halls!

Be sure to pay Lazulemu a visit and take a look at what amazing surprise he has in store for you!

“Does Lazulemuri have a vitamin D deficit? That much no-sunlight must not be good for you” – The Trove Team

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