Hey Trovians!

We’re excited for sustainability! To show our excitement, we are hosting a screenshot event in celebration of Zero Emissions Day!

If you would like to participate, all you need to do is submit a screenshot of you and your zero emissions mount on our Facebook or Twitter channel.

Conditions of participation:

  • The general rules apply to this event.
  • You can only participate once per account and player.
  • You have to add your character name and your platform to the post, including the screenshot of your zero emissions mount.
  • The deadline for participation in the event ends on September 26, 2022, at 9:59 pm UTC.
  • The team members’ decisions are final.

In addition, we are giving away a FREE mount code! After replying to our Zero Emissions post with a screenshot, head over to our website to redeem the following code:


Keep in mind that the code can only be redeemed once per account.

This code is only valid until September 26.

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