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We will be using radiant shards for reference to sales, but this works for everything. Also some of these are unrealistic prices (either too low or too high), radiant shards should be sold for at least 10-100 flux per unit, and whatever your selling should be first researched in the mp for good prices.

  1. Your item may be overpriced, in order to insure your prices are good, check the marketplace for shards,  and keep going until you reach your price. If you see that everyone is selling at a higher quantity (amount) than you, you may want to reconsider the pricing. If someone sells 100 shards for 1k, but everyone else is selling 500 for 1.2k,  which would you perfer. Unless you can't afford 1,200 flux, many will decide it is worth the extra flux to get 500, instead of going with the cheaper price for 100. to fix this, either increase the quantity, or lower the price some.
  2. Your selling too much of the item. if your selling over 1mil radiant shards, well, let's just face it, nobody will buy it. nobody has a real use for a million shards, and imagine the price of that thing. Even if your ripping yourself off a couple 100k, it is just too high up on the mp, nobody will see it before they are already satisfied with buying other peoples shards. To fix this, sell fractions of it at a time, 1k shards for 10k flux could work, but this is more likely to get you flux faster when you have more mp slots, as some people may want more than just 1k, and will buy more shards, and if you still have shards up, there likely to be yours. never lower the price of a million shards (or any item). if you took the time to farm 1 mil of anything, really, then sell it for only 10k, you will be doing too much work for practically nothing, and that will be extremely sad.
  3. your selling an outdated item. Now shards will probably never be outdated, people actually are increasing the price from 5 flux per unit minimum to 10 flux per unit minimum. But if your selling shadow souls for the same price as a few years back, your out of luck. shadow souls used to be targetting all classes of players (beginner, intermediate, advanced, end-game), but since the geode update came with crystal tier gear, people playing late-game intermediate, advanced, and end-game doesn't really need to buy anymore. and because beginners and early intermediates don't have 10k flux to spare, and because they know they will discard their lvl 5 shadow and radiant gear anyway, many intermediates and some beginners don't even bother. there is only one way to fix this, and that is to be more accessible to those classes, beginners don't have 10k, and many intermediates don't want to lose all their flux, so this either forces people to lower the prices, or stop selling these outdated items. Today, radiant souls are sold for 500 flux, so it is probably wise to sell something else at this point anyway.
  4. the item your selling is something nobody knows about, or cares about. if your selling pinata mounts or worthless allies (allies with just superstition), just stop, nobody will buy.
  5. Your manipulating the market. In case you were wondering, market flipping and market manipulation are too different things. If you start a buying spree and then sell all of it for a higher price instantly, that is market manipulation. When you manipulate the market, there is a chance you are overpricing something and you have too much of it. Other times, you buy something expensive, like Albairn, then sell it for a higher price, this could work, but it will take really long, mostly because the cheaper ones will be sold first. depending on how much it is, you may not be able to do it. If you want to flip the market, wait until an event to naturally increase the prices, and even then, don't sell all of it, you may not be overpricing but you are still selling too much. If you don't want to wait, you can still flip the market and make a decent profit if you portion your items correctly. But remember, starting a buying spree is a lot of flux already, the pay out may be good, but it is still a time consuming process.

If you need further tips, or you've decided this was too long, just read this


Make sure your not selling too much of an item at a time, don't overprice it, be sure to go off recent prices and not outdated ones, selling in portions can help you get more money than just selling all of it at once, the lower the price, the more buyers you will get, but don't lower it so much as to rip yourself off. don't buy up the mp and sell all of it for an overpriced amount immediately(market manipulation), if you do anyway, at least wait for an event to higher your already impossible chances, and then profit. hope I helped some people.



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