Corruxion a vendor below Luxion, he offers items for Chaos Cores, including fragments for a new Chaos Dragon.

You are limited to 10 items purchased per visit.

Corruxion arrives on the weekend that Luxion doesn't and stays Friday - Monday and offers the same inventory each visit.

Finding Corruxion

A griffon has appeared in the hub next to the Sun Goddess Statue, attempting to deliver a pizza to Corruxion.

Corruxion is below Luxion, jump through the windows next to the lava.

Corruxion Inventory

Items are sold for Chaos Core


This is indicated by the (10) after the item names and will decrease for all items after you purchase one.


Chaos Dragon Egg Fragment is part of that inventory.

Once you have Chaos Dragon Egg Fragment 50 which will take 5 visits of Corruxion you will be able to craft (with other ingredients) Charl the Chaos Dragon.

Having this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +1% Critical Hit, +50 Light, +50 Magic Find.

Players have reported that this dragon cannot be unlocked with a Dragon Effigy.

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wow, how do u get 1439 chaos cores?

i can get about 1-2 a week


i can't even get 1

liked this!


i have him bugged or something, first time visiting him and not able to trade (all options gray when i have 5 chaos cores)

liked this!


Accurate stuff!

They should've put the info about the total amount of items on a separate place, instead of putting a "(10)" on each item, indicating that we can purchase 10 items each (by common logic). I got 10 Bound Brilliance before I realized that I should've went for 10 dragon fragments (for the first 5 visits) instead. =D