Protolancer Art Challenge

August 24, 2020 (updated 2 months ago) by Etaew
1 month ago 28 entries

For the next two weeks TFMHisztike is challenging the artist community to create fan art of the PR0T0 LANC-R costume for a chance to receive one as a reward.

Some of you may have already drawn this as part of the Lunar Challenge and you are free to enter this challenge again using that same art, but please note that if you receive a top prize in the Lunar challenge you can't receive a top prize in this challenge.


  • Create some Trove related fan art showing the Protolancer costume
  • Submit to the Trovesaurus Gallery and make visible
  • Enter into the Protolancer challenge


  • Monday, August 24, 2020 to Monday, September 7, 2020


  • At least 5 entries will be rewarded with the Protolancer costume and receive 2x Reward Tokens
  • Additional highlights will receive 2x Reward Tokens
  • Valid entries will receive 1x Reward Token


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Offhandedly, I wonder who's been pushing this furry trend (Protogens ARE of furry origin after all) in every online game with customization out there, since you don't see this sort of thing going on with Sergals, Avali, or anything else furry-oriented.


hey, idk too much about these things and im not a furry
i was just searching for random drawing tutorials and this is how i found the protogens and i thought why not making a costume based on them, it sounds fun xd

and then it got accepted with the lunar modding chall, but so far ppl seem to like how it looks like and even if not the costume itself (lancer is not the most popular class in the game) but i saw several players using the head style, it have actual emotion maybe thats why or for other reason idk but it makes me happy that ppl like itxd

i did not copy the way it looks from anything i just google and saw some protogens and tried to make it similar, did not follow any "instructions" how it "should" look like, idc about that its just my creation so i did the way i felt it would look decent as a costume mod :)

liked this!


liked this!


liked this!