Trove Loading Screen Fan Art Contest

March 26, 2020 (updated 2 months ago) by Etaew
4 weeks ago 116 entries

In partnership with the Trove team, we are running a special art challenge for artists who are interested in having their Trove fan art appear on the loading screens of Trove.

Pictured is a current Trove fan art loading screen, with fan art displayed with author credit, resized and with other pieces of art.


  1. Task
  2. Dates
  3. Rewards
  4. Legal


  • Create or submit your Trove fan-art for use as part of a Trove Loading Screen
    • We encourage only digital art to be submitted for this challenge as traditional or different styles may not work well
  • Upload to the Trovesaurus Gallery and make your art visible
  • Enter the Trove Loading Screen Fan Art Contest challenge using the button on the right

Note: You can submit more than one entry, and your work can be new or existing


  • Thursday, March 26, 2020 to Thursday, April 30, 2020


  • 10 submissions chosen by the Trove Team will be used as loading screens and receive an additional 2x Reward Tokens
  • Valid entries that have not been submitted to other contests will receive 1x Reward Tokens


Due to adding your creations to the game, gamigo requires you to agree to the following Terms of Participation before you submit your creations. You will be reminded of these before you submit as well.


The following conditions govern the course of the “Trove Loading Screen Fan Art Contest” (“Contest”) as organized by gamigo US Inc., 350 Marine Park Way, Redwood City, CA, 94065, USA (“gamigo”).

1. Eligibility, Participants and Participation

  1. Participation in the Contest is free. Participants must be at least twelve (12) years old. If the Participant is under the age of eighteen, the parent or guardian must have given their consent to participate in the Contest.
  2. "Participant" means anyone who is eligible to participate pursuant to paragraph 1 and who complies with the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms of Participation between 23.03.2020 and 30.04.2020, 23.59 CEST ("Participation Period").
  3. The task of the Contest is the independent creation of digital art showing why TROVE is the best online game as well as the submission of the Fan Art Content within the participation period (“Entry”). The Entry must be submitted via our partner site, (“Trovesaurus”) on their Fan Art section with the contest tag.
  4. There is no limit how many Entries each Participant may submit. Entries submitted outside of the participation period will not be considered.
  5. gamigo may at its sole discretion present (“Presentation”) the Fan Art Content in form of in-game loading screens.

2. Winners and Rewards

gamigo will select a total of 10 entries from all valid entries. The “Winners” are those Participants who created the selected Fan Art Content.

Once selected, winning entries will be added to the loading screens in Trove. Selected art may be resized and will be featured with the artist’s screen name (character name) alongside the art of other winners. Winner screen names will be announced in a blog post on the Trovesaurus and Trove official website with their art featured. Winners will have a unique style added to their account. Additional rewards may be granted by the Trovesaurus team at their own discretion .

3. Rights of Use and Indemnity

  1. Solely for the purpose of participation in the Contest, gamigo grants the Participant the free-of-charge, non-exclusive, revocable right to use the TROVE title and the TROVE characters for the creation of the Fan Art Content.
  2. For the purposes of the presentation of the Fan Art Content, the Participant grants gamigo the free-of-charge, non-exclusive, irrevocable right to use the respective Fan Art Content without limitation of time and place. This includes the rights of exploitation and reproduction, as well as the right to make the Fan Art Content publicly available and grant usage rights to third parties, in so far as this is necessary within the context of the presentation.
  3. By submitting its Entry, the Participant provides assurance that the Fan Art Content was produced without help of third persons and guarantees that it does not violate any rights of third parties. The Participant therefore indemnifies gamigo against all claims from third parties based on the infringement of third party rights in connection with the submitted Fan Art Content.

4. Data Privacy

  1. gamigo will retrieve, process and use the provided personal data of each Participant (this includes the character name and platform) within the scope of the applicable legal data protection requirements and exclusively for the purposes of holding the Contest (this includes the review of the right to participate and compliance with the rules as well as the announcement and the presentation).
  2. The personal data collected will be stored solely for the duration of the Contest and will then be subsequently deleted once the Contest has ended.
    The presentation which, for reasons of transparency, is principally always kept permanently available for retrieval, will not be deleted within this period unless otherwise requested by the respective Winner. To the extent that legal retention requirements stipulate longer-term storage, the affected data will be deleted at the latest following the expiry of such obligations and will only be processed for the purposes of compliance with these retention requirements.
  3. Further information on the handling of personal data by gamigo can be found within the Privacy Policy (

5. Disclaimer

gamigo, its bodies, employees, and subcontractors are liable exclusively for wilful intent and gross negligence, regardless of legal basis, and in cases of ordinary negligence, only for the violation of essential contractual obligations and limited to foreseeable damages, as far as not precluded by other compulsory statutory provisions. These limitations do not apply for the loss of life, personal injury or damage to health.

6. Final Provisions

  1. The Participant agrees to these Terms of Participation with their Entry.
  2. In addition to these Terms of Participation, the General Terms of Use ( also apply (“Rules”). In case of discrepancies between these two legal texts, the Terms of Participation shall prevail.
  3. Should a Participant infringe upon the rules during the execution of the Contest, or such an infringement be proven thereafter, his eligibility to participate may be revoked.
  4. gamigo reserves the right to end the Contest before the end of the Participation Period, if a proper execution cannot be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons.
  5. The contractual relationship is governed by German law to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the referral regulations of international private law. If the Participant has as his usual domicile a location in another country within the European Union during the extent of the Contest, the validity of the strictly applicable legal regulations of the country in question shall remain unaffected by the choice of law made in the prior sentence.
  6. In the event that any individual provisions of these Terms of Participation become ineffective, the remaining provisions shall remain effective and binding. Statutory rules shall take the place of the ineffective provision.
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when are winner(s) announced? 


No set date, but as soon as the Trove Team and I can find time to do so.


I cant wait to see the winners i am excited for this one 

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liked this!

i play ps4. is their a reward on ps4?


There some rewards that are available on all platforms and specific consoles. Check out the rewards section.

Umm another question: would a short loop animation be allowed?


Not for inclusion as part of a loading screen with other art, it is going to be made into a static image.

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so question: can you add art that was previously in a contest orrr not?


You can, but if you had a reward in that challenge you won't receive an additional reward from us for it. We're only rewarding new art, but the team are happy to have older art on loading screen.


alright thanks!

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