Trovesaurus Development Diary - April 2018

May 4, 2018 by Etaew 847 0

A round up on Trovesaurus development activity for the month of April 2018.

Featured CreationsTop ^

A portion of the sites ad revenue is funded back into the community through commisions and creations. Usually this takes the form of art, in the past we've done T-Shirts and Plushies.

This month featured the Qubacca original creations, the final delivery of the Sage plushie (from December) and Evils construction chick plushie.



" May the force be with you! And a little Chewie to guide you.~ " - Yodalicious


" May the force be with you! And a little Chewie to guide you.~ " - Yodalicious



Site ChangesTop ^

Modding Changes

  • Mods can now be made public without being announced if they meet all the criteria, if a mod fails at announcing in one place, it won't keep attempting and duplicate the announcements in another.
  • You can no longer awkwardly select a mod type or subtype as ALL
  • Mods are no longer automatically published, when you meet all the criteria a button will appear that you can press, this allows you to announce when you want, not when we want.
  • Mods now require a "Replaces" field to be published, please let the user know what you are replacing
  • Fixed an issue with the QB Colour Tool that was randomly inserting colours that didn't belong there

Profile Changes

  • Condensed the mastery and classes page of the user profile, you don't need the subclass extra info anymore, and removed the edit buttons
  • You can now edit all your classes info on a single form, instead of individually
  • A trial feature that displays the level and rank changes to your classes since you last updated them

Lore Changes

  • Lore links are now automatically directly embedded onto Collection / Style / Item pages, any capitalised text that is not the first word or "I" will now link to a lore page for more information.

Other Changes

  • The Trovesaurus Twitter account will now start again announcing developer posts
  • Added the Vanguardian class to the site database, opening the class page and ability to set your info on your character page
  • The front page recent art, activity feed and gallery will now respect hibernating users
  • Tweaked the appearance of the Rewards page again
  • When viewing art contest news articles, the sidebar will show a link to the status of the contest and a link to entries
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases a recipe ingredient could be missed out
  • Added some safety code to prevent the event announce queue being held up when messages aren't being accepted by Twitter for some reason
  • The user characters page is now available on the cleaner URL, this is now paginated and you can filter by class.
  • The characters page on a users profile should now load faster for owners when there are lots of classes set, you can now link directly to a character and can only edit characters from that direct page example
  • You can now view the comment count on art previews
  • The background image for art contests you have not participated in has now been set to white, having red was pretty ugly, if you have an entry it will continue to show as green
  • Tweaked the Deco importer script to fill in some missing icons
  • Centralised the tabs / page URL structure across the site, if things stop working in a particular area let me know
  • Fixed an issue where having no weapon style set on your character page would make a random style appear
  • Character pages now have some small text listing the class on the header for that section
  • Fixed another issue preventing site translators from saving their work
  • Database errors are handled a fraction more gracefully now
  • Started tracking Kytsu and Darkmoon on the Dev Tracker
  • SSL settings have been tweaked to help resolve a few issues with connection refused messages
  • Fixed an issue with the Gallery upload form where it wouldn't tell you the reason an image failed to upload
  • You can now filter the Styles and Collections pages to  list items created by the Trove Devs
  • Fixed an issue with the importer where the recipe was using a mix of upper and lowercase names for the identifier, this helped fill in some gaps in the DB specifically with Frameworks.
  • Newsly should now post upcoming downtime, server offline and online notifications to Twitter
  • Contextual page searches which lists matched results will now break up huge lines of text using
    if newlines failed, this fixes an issue with some pages having a huge output of non relevant information.
  • The info box on the art pages will now only say animated when it really is animated, no more 0/1 output
  • Removed words from article headers to avoid the need to translate them, dates / author / views likely are now intuitive enough
  • Re-added the ability for Streamers to gift codes, this was unintentionally removed in a previous update

SupportTop ^

If you want to support the site development, please participate in contests, leave comments on our pages or upgrade to Trovesaurus Gold to hide adverts (also available with Reward Tokens).

Objectives for MayTop ^

Let me know in the comments if you are looking for anything specific to be changed in the month of May.

Sleepstache by pokemon008


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