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Boomeranger Classes

Boomerangers are skilled with both bow and blade. Bomb your way through bedrock and stun any enemies you find with your trusty boomerang! When things get too hairy or scary, lob a Mysterious Urn into the fray!



Group Role


Focuses on dealing damage to kill enemies quicker.


Improves the survivability or effectiveness of other players.


Final Blow (Level 0) Passive Ability

Every third attack done by the Boomeranger does extra damage.

Boomerang (Level 1) Primary Ability

Throws a stunning boomerang that returns after hitting an enemy or wall. If caught on the return trip, all cooldowns are reduced.

Big Bomb (Level 3) Ability 1

Throws a timed bomb for big damage and destruction.

Big Bomb (Level 3) Ability 1 - Class Gem

After your big bomb has exploded, 3 chickens will spawn and attack nearby enemies

Mysterious Urn (Level 5) Ability 2

Throws an urn, dealing massive damage and spawns one of many powerups, which includes: Team Healing, Team Cooldown Reduction, Cluster Bombs and Attack Chickens


  • As a Boomeranger, It is your job to fill the battlefield with chickens while Supporting your team through Mysterious Urn's random boosts, It is recommended that a Bow is used in shadow towers, to not take aggro from the tank through proximity. A sword is advised in adventure worlds, given it's AoE capabilities. Use your boomerang's stun to lock down important threads for your team to take out safely, or to give your bomb time to explode in the right place.
  • Time your abilities so that they're not interrupting your basic attack, most notably the third attack in your basic combo, which does massive damage.


Physical Damage
Critical Damage
Critical Hit/Jump
Attack Speed

Maximum Health
Critical Damage
% Maximum Health
Attack Speed

Maximum Health
Critical Damage
Physical Damage
Attack Speed

Physical Damage
Critical Hit









Emblem 1



Emblem 2



  • Physical Damage on Everything
  • Critical Damage on Everything
  • Critical Hit on Enough Gems to Reach 100% (Swap Surestrike with Beamer)
  • Maximum Health on 1-2 Gems (Ideally ~500,000 Total Health)

Empowered Gems

Empowered Gems are available in any colour.


Empowered Water Gem for the Boomeranger. Big Bomb becomes a Bawk-Bomb. It still sticks to surfaces and explodes in the same area, but also spawns several chickens that attack enemies for a brief duration. Only one such Gem may be socketed at a time.


Empowered Water Gem for any class. Killing an enemy has a chance to generate a flaming disc that damages nearby enemies. Only one such Gem may be socketed at a time.

Explosive Epilogue

Empowered Water Gem for any class. Killing enemies causes them to explode. Only one such Gem may be socketed at a time.



Salt Sower Unlimited Claim

Thanks to pendk (PC)

Sageosaurus 9004 Claim

Thanks to TeeKayM (PC)

Starter Class Coin PC Only / Under Mastery 20 Claim

Thanks to LitheValkerian (PC)