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We're collecting images to show all new things in a nice handy post. This post is being updated continuously, check the update log for update info. Warning ahead, this is image heavy ^^.

Please note, this information comes from the Public Test Servers. Changes may occur during testing and might not make it to the Live Servers.

New Class: Vanguardian   

Here is all we could dig up on the Vanguardian class. It is a physical damage class that uses a new weapon type: Fist Weapons.

Vanguardian: AbilitiesTop ^

  •  Touchdown 
    • Become supercharged while gliding. When you land create a shockwave in front of your landing destination.
  • In melee stance, the class has the following abilities
    •  Eyebeam
      • Deal damage to enemies in front of you, increasing their damage taken from all sources.
    •  Force Flash
      • Pulse kinetic energy, damaging nearby enemies and increasing movement speed.
    •  Laser Leap
      • Swap into ranged mode and leap backwards, gaining energy. Nearby enemies are pushed away.
  • In range stance, the class has the following abilities
    •  Plasma Blast
      • Launch a ball of pure energy that detonates on impact, dealing damage in the area.
    •  Fired Up
      • Infuse yourself with energy, increasing attack speed.
    •  Hero's Charge
      • Swap into melee mode and dash forward, healing yourself. Nearby enemies are pulled towards you.
  • As long as you don't move, you can keep fighting after typing /dance in both the melee and ranged mode.

Vanguardian: Class gemTop ^

The class gem for the Vanguardian appears to be completely passive. No changes made to the action bar.

Vanguardian: SubclassTop ^

  • Gain the Vanguardian's Touchdown passive. While gliding Become supercharged. When you land create a shockwave in front of your landing destination.
  • You gain additional jumps.

Vanguardian: CostumesTop ^

In total the Vanguardian class receives 9 costumes at the start of the expansion.

Level 30 costumesTop ^

All classes received a shiny new level 30 costume. These are automatically unlocked when reaching level 30. You might need to switch to the class to receive them if you've gained level 30 before the patch.

Map ChangesTop ^

New icons appear on the map when you're adventuring.

  •  Mark the location of 3-Trovian Lairs.
  •  Mark the location of the neon city Outposts (quest hub), with craftting benches.

New icons also appear in clubs, to find all the fixtures.

Atlas ChangesTop ^

  • Radiant Ruins are now available on the atlas.

  • The Atlas received an overhaul of neon city as well as a new mysterious icon where clouds used to be. Cursed Skylands also received an overhaul in the atlas.

Neon city atlas art old -> new

old neon citynew neon city

Cursed Skylands atlas art old -> new

Mysterious icon old -> new

LuminopolisTop ^

Outposts can be found in Luminopolis. These contain workbenches and quest npc's.

Look for these buildings (among others).


Adventure NPCs

New Club Fixture: SpotlightTop ^

The article made with the help of:Top ^

Page Change LogTop ^

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