The Beginner's Guide to Ringcrafting

January 19, 2018 by wuzzyninja

This is a beginner's guide to ringcrafting. Whether you're new to the game, haven't played for a while, or just haven't dabbled in ringcrafting, this guide is for you!

What is Ringcrafting?Top ^

Ringcrafting is one of three professions in Trove, along with Runecrafting and Gardening. As the name suggests, this profession allows you to produce rings, which you can equip to grant yourself a boost to your Power Rank (PR) and to two stats.

How do the Ring Boxes work?

Each ring box has one of four primary stats: Physical DamageMagic DamageMaximum Health, and Lasermancy. Each of these is guaranteed to be on their respective ring box. Additionally, there are random secondary stats that may appear on a ring: JumpStabilityCritical HitHealth RegenerationEnergy Regeneration, and Magic Find. A ring will only have one primary and one secondary stat, so you may need to make several boxes to compensate.

The boxes are an item that must be thrown to "open", and produce a ring of the given tier. HOWEVER, for rarer boxes (mostly Resplendant/Signet and up), there is a rare chance of getting a weak version (level 1-2) of the next tier of ring. This will still be better than the ring of the rarity of the box, but crafting the next box tier would still likely produce better rings.

Why should I care?Top ^

Rings help you get your stats and PR up. Without them, you're not at your best. While you can get rings from other people, you likely still want to at least max out your Ringcrafting rank, as each level provides 75 Mastery Points. For each level, you must craft 50 of one item from the highest tier you can access.

What are the tiers?Top ^

They are as follows:


These are capable of crafting Diamonds and Stone Boxes. The latter allow for an early-game boost to PR, but the former are used in later ring boxes. Stone Boxes only require 3 flux and 3 Shapestone Ore, making them a viable option for players just starting out, though you'll likely want to replace these as soon as you can. They produce Stones, rings corresponding to the Uncommon tier of gear. Diamonds, on the other hand, come in sets of five, but need one Primordial Flame, twenty-five Shapestone Ore, and thirty-five Flux to create. As such, you may want to stock up on all of these resources before you try levelling up your Ringcrafting.

For maximum efficiency, craft 50 Diamond sets (250 in all). This ensures you need less in the long run. If you need more Primordial Flames in the early game, they start spawning relatively early on. When you see veins of Formicite or Shapestone (though not within the first two worlds), you may find Primordial Flames within. If you are later game and have a Power Rank of at least 900, Dragonfire Peaks also has these in abundance.


This tier only has Shard Boxes. These correspond to Rare-tier gear and are stronger than Stones, but require 1 Diamond and 10 Shapestone Ore for each one created. You need to make 50 boxes in total from this tier to be able to advance, so pick the one with the best stat for you and get crafting!

If you need help with Shapestone, either look around in Medieval Highlands and Permafrost Adventure Worlds (if you are a new player), as these only have Shapestone for a worldwide ore type, or Dragonfire Peaks Adventure Worlds (if your PR exceeds 900), as Shapestone Ore veins spawn in abundance in the Dragonfire Peaks biome.


This tier, like the last tier, only has boxes again. However, these are Band Boxes, which correspond to Epic-tier gear and are more powerful than the Shards of the last level. The downside is that each Band box requires 5 more Shapestone than a Shard box does, and still needs one Diamond.


The ring boxes on this tier, known as, simply, Ring Boxes, produce Legendary-tier rings. These require 20 Shapestone and 1 Diamond each.

At this point, assuming you made the 50 sets of Diamonds as a Newbie, you should have 100 Diamonds remaining. Which is good, considering you now need them for...

Master Jeweler

...the Loop Boxes. These require 2 Diamonds and 25 Shapestone per box, and produce Relic-level rings. These are more powerful than even the Rings of last tier, and are your best rings produced with Diamonds. But should you complete this tier, you gain access to the final tier.

Lord of the Rings? Why's there so much stuff?Top ^

Originally, Lord of the Rings was used to produce only Resplendant-level rings. But with the Adventures update, we recieved a PLETHORA of new Ringcrafting material! So, let's dive right in.

Shadow Diamonds and Celestial Diamonds

Shadow Diamonds are produced in sets of 5, just like normal Diamonds. However, they're noticeably more expensive to create, requiring 5 Eyes of Q'bthulu, 70 Flux, 2 Primordial Flames, and 50 Shapestone Ore per set. Eyes of Q'bthulu are found by defeating Invaders or by Loot Collecting non-ring equipment of at least Relic rarity (though, by now, you almost certainly know that). These are the Diamond component for Signet and Spiral boxes.

Celestial Diamonds are FAR more expensive to make, and are used in the Signet boxes as well as the best ring boxes in the game, the Solitaire boxes. They also come in sets of five, but have the daunting recipe of 10 Meteorite Fragments (located within the Jurrasic Jungle biomes, in the treetops, as a small, bluish rock), 25 Crystallized Cloud (found within the Radiant Ruins of the Club Sky World portal or Cursed Skylands Adventure Worlds), 5 Golden Souls (found rarely within other ore veins), and 1,000 Flux. If you want to create the best rings in the game, this is how to do it.

Signet and Spiral Boxes

Signet Boxes correspond to Resplendent-tier rings, while Spiral Boxes correspond to Shadow-tier rings. The difference here is that Spirals can be anywhere from the Shadow level to Shadow Level 5, which produces more variety in ring power, but also produces randomness. As a rule of thumb, if you can, avoid these ring boxes for characters that have access to the resources needed for the better ones. The Signets require 1 Shadow Diamond and 25 Shapestone each, while the Spirals need 1 Shadow Diamond, 2 Penta-forged Shadow Souls (obtained by loot collecting Shadow Level 5 equipment), and 25 Infinium (a yellow ore found in most biomes, but not in the first few worlds) to craft.

Seal and Solitaire Boxes

These are the best tiers of rings in the game. The Seal boxes are Radiant-tier, and the Solitaire rings are Stellar. Like the Spirals, they also come in 5 levels--the higher, the better. Both of these require the new Celestial Diamonds to craft. The Seal Boxes need 1 Celestial Diamond, 2 Forged Radiant Souls (made by Loot Collecting Radiant equipment), and 25 Formicite Ore (a blue ore found in any world higher than the Adept or Permafrost world), while the Solitaire Boxes require 2 Celestial Diamonds, 2 Forged Stellar Souls (produced by Loot Collecting Stellar equipment), and 25 Cinnabar (a new ore found only within the Forbidden Spires biomes).


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