This guide will be explaining all the information needed to understand Adventure Portals and why using certain portals would be best for you. Be it for leveling purposes or for farming a certain material.

Prime Adventure Worlds

Let's start of with Prime World Portals. These portals are the basic portals you will be using in Trove. There 13 Prime Worlds in the game at the time of writing this guide. These range from the very basic of worlds for people just starting the game to those who have mastered the game and are able to face the toughest enemies it can provide.

Prime Worlds are also unique in the fact that starting from the Novice World up to the Uber 6 World they are designated specific "dominant" boimes in their worlds.


Designated Biome

Novice Medieval Highlands
Adept Permafrost
Expert Cursed Vale
Master Desert Frontier
Uber-1 Fae Forest
Uber-2 Candoria
Uber-3 Neon City
Uber-4 Jurassic Jungle
Uber-5 Dragonfire Peaks
Uber-6 Forbidden Spires

So you're probably wondering why it's important to know which portal is designated which specific biome. Well it helps to know for a couple of reason.

First being the hourly challenge. One of the hourly challenges requires you to defeat dungeons in a specific biome. Meaning if the challenge requires you to defeat dungeons in the Fae Forest it would make doing the challenge a lot easier if you were to use the Uber-1 Portal which will be inhabited with a large area of the biome Fae Forest.

Second reason would be for farming up certain materials you may need for crafting an item or materials to sell on the market for flux. For example say you wanted to craft a costume in the Chaos Crafter, but that costume requires 'metero fragments'. Because the Uber-4 Prime World is designated the Jurassic Jungle biome it would be in your best interest to go there as there will be an a large area of the Jurassic Jungle in which you can find the metero fragments.

Adventure World RequirementsTop ^

Now let's talk about the requirements necessary to enter each of the Prime Worlds leading from the Novice World up to the Uber-9 World.

Each world is assigned a "Recommended Level". That recommended level is designed to help you figure out which world will give you the maximum amount of experiece for the specific character you are trying to level. For example, if you are level 10 but are trying to level up in a Prime World that has a recommended level of 16 you won't be maximizing the amount of experience you are getting.

As with the "Recommended Level" the Prime Worlds have, they are also linked to certain "Power Rank Levels". This reqirement is important because if you aren't at the the Power Rank for a certain world, you are unable to enter that world. And if you do enter the world on another character and then switch to the lower Power Rank character, you will still recieve experience but you won't be reward with any loot from Boss' and Dungeons.



Recommended Level

Power Rank Requirement

Novice 1-3 10
Adept 4-5 60
Expert 6-7 100
Master 8-9 160
Uber-1 10-11 250
Uber-2 12-14 400
Uber-3 15-17 550
Uber-4 18-20 700
Uber-5 21-22 900
Uber-6 23-24 1200
Uber-7 25-26 2500
Uber-8 27-28 5000
Uber-9 29-30 10000

Dungeon RewardsTop ^

As any other MMORPG you need experience to level up your characters. Each world has a specific amount of experience you will recieve from Lair Bosses up the the 3* Dungeon Bosses. Remember though this may vary depending on if you are the level for which that world has recommended you to be.



Lair Boss Experience

1-Star Dungeon Boss Experience

3-Star Dungeon Boss Experience

Novice 20 - -
Adept 60 - -
Expert 128 64 256
Master 230 115 460
Uber-1 384 192 768
Uber-2 630 315 1260
Uber-3 880 440 1760
Uber-4 1320 660 2640
Uber-5 2730 1365 5460
Uber-6 4095 2047 8190
Uber-7 4725 2362 9450
Uber-8 5400 2700 10800
Uber-9 6100 3030 12240

*All numbers are taken from the Trove Wiki Page


Other Adventure WorldsTop ^

Alongside the Prime Worlds there are also worlds specific for certain color gems:

  • Drowned Worlds (Uber-3 up to Uber-9)
  • Cursed Skylands (Uber-5 up to Uber-9)
  • Igneous Islands (Uber-7 up to Uber-9)

As well as:

  • Realm Portal: Sky (Uber-5) 
  • Shores of the Everdark (Uber-8 & Uber-9)

Each type of world corresponds to the gem boxes in which you will receive.

  • Drowned Worlds drop Water Gem Boxes
  • Cursed Skylands Worlds drop Air Gem Boxes
  • Igneous Islands Worlds drop Fire Gem Boxes

The Realm Portal: Sky Shores of the Everdark have different purposes besides collecting loot or Gem Boxes. Realm Portal: Sky is used for collection Cloud Ores & Radiant Shards. Both are used in creating certain items and styles in the game.

The Shores of the Everdark different from all the other worlds. This is because the only thing in these Worlds are Dungeons designed for you to get a Class Gem or Shaper Stars. That's it. You beat the dungeon, use either a Class Gem Key or a Shaper Stars Key.



Drowned World

Cursed Skylands

Igneous Islands

Realm Portal: Sky

Shores of the Everdark

Uber-3 X -N/A-  -N/A-  -N/A- -N/A- 
Uber-4 X -N/A- -N/A-  -N/A-  -N/A- 
Uber-5 X X -N/A-  X -N/A- 
Uber-6 X X -N/A-  -N/A-  -N/A- 
Uber-7 X X X -N/A-  -N/A- 
Uber-8 X X X -N/A-  X
Uber-9 X X X -N/A-  X

*Having an "X" denoates that specific type of world has a portal for that Uber.

ConclusionTop ^

Well that pretty much covers all the information you will need about the Adventure Portals and everything required to use them. Remember that even if you aren't a part of a club with these specific Portals you can always go to the Hub World and use the Trovian Atlas' that will allow you to go to any of the Worlds mention in this Guide.


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