Shadow Tower your way to Flux, Clubits, Leaderboard rewards and Loot.

January 12, 2018 by Theuglyone

No RNG way to earn FLUX, get on the leader board and earn clubits. 

Selling Shadow Cashes or Hearts of Darkness is how you earn flux.


Shadow Tower your way to flux, Clubits, leaderboard and loot.

Ultra is the best return on time but hard can be used. Hard just has a lower return on your time in flux as it gives less of the items your looking to farm. I would do DD hard if you are limited to hard for a shot at the rare mount.

Why am I doing shadow towers

~ shadow cashes are your none rng pay check ~

Best way to get flux per hour with a predictable amount of flux earned. Rng dropped loot items are a bonus to a per hour pay check. 

This is also a good way to get your flawless runs for the leaderboard and the reward chests like a Chaos Vault or other random events that might be up on the leader board that week.

You can also join a club that has the ST Hero npc up, Larsene, the Shady Dealer or ask around for one that currently does and use that npc, so you can earn clubits as well.

Rare mounts from ST bosses, trophies and Hearts of Darkness/shadow cashes etc. is the loot you are after.


Friday is the day you do the shadow towers as it has the shard drop bonus, 100% or 200% with patron. A few hours is a good amount of time to set off to the side for this. My best day I earned 4 million, but the average is 500k. 

I’ve done 1000’s of shadow towers but have no clue what the enemies are called as I really just go by looks on who drops shadow shards.

Solo? Ok. Kill WP and SW. keep track of how many shadow cashes and shards you received from both runs.

What ever one gives you the most is the one you are going to farm.

This is not like your normal ST run where you get the skulls done asap and kill the boss as fast as you can.

You want to kill everything in the shadow tower that drops shards on your way. How do you know what drops shards? First few times kill everything and watch for the shard drops. The more you do the towers the faster you will get through them as you learn what not to kill and figure out the best strats to kill fast with your character.

Have a good team? Your goal is DD as the mounts that drop will return some great flux. But again, find the one that gives the most shards/shadow cashes between pin and hydra if DD is to hard for your team. Keep in mind your here for flux and speed is key so just because you can kill a higher tear it might not be your best option.

Dotm might be in your abilities but the DD mount even though the drop rate is so low is still a risk id take and do DD over Dotm.

How to prepare. Simple the other 6 days of the week you are getting keys, I try to have 100 keys on hand as you never know when you are going to get that awesome group and run towers faster then normal.

That’s all great but what about flux?

Shadow cashes are what you are after here as your pay check, collect them and turn your shards in to shadow cashes. You are selling or opening your shadow cashes for hearts of darkness, egg or wings.

When to open shadow cashes or when to sell them?

Check out the price of hearts of darkness vs the price of shadow cashes. 

This is not rocket science as I’m not a space man... but I’ve found if hearts are selling for 6 times the cost of a shadow cashes opening the shadow cashes and taken a risk on rng seems to be a solid time to open them and go for the chance at an egg, wings or more hearts then what the shadow cashes will return if sold. At 4 times your going to lose, at 5 times your taking a risk I would not open but at 6 I find I break even every time or hit the jackpot. If you dont have the voidwatcher dragon Indurion, the Unwavering opening at 5 times is a safe way to get frags with little lose to flux not hurting you to bad at the chance to get a frag. Took me 30,000 shadow cashe opens to get 50 frags.


Get keys and get a good group to get rich with no rng just hard work…

Hope this helps you get some flux in to your pockets.



meta: HOD are used by players to buy items from the shadowy market but more so used with bound brilliance to augment gems.

They are the most consumed item in the game at the moment and you can never have enough to break the market.


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