How To Install Mods On Mac(Updated and Working)

Hey everyone, here's a complete guide on how to install mods on mac :D

Steam Version of Trove on mac:Top ^

If you have the steam version of trove on your mac, the solution to installing mods simple:

  1. Search up the mod you would like to install at
  2. Copy and Paste that name into google with the like so "Steam trove mod:______" with the blank replaced with the mod you copy and pasted.
  3. click on the result
  4. Find the link which leads you to the steam page of the mod.
  5. Click Subscribe 
  6. Relaunch trove
  7. Your Done :D

Glyph Version of Trove on mac:Top ^

This version if a bit more conplicated, but you can do it :D

for others reading this thread, to get mods on mac for trove for glyph( this is ONLY FOR GLYPH, NOT FOR STEAM):

  1. download the tmod. file of the mod from an external device(for ex: chrombook) ( for me the mod file keeps showing up as mod.php on mac, which is why step 1 is neccesary)
  2. put it on google drive
  3. Go to mac device, open google drive, and download the tmod. file onto macbook.
  4. Open trove
  5. command+tab
  6. right click on the trove icon and hole the right click --> you will see a menu pop
  7. Select "show in finder" from the menu --> this will show you where trove is in finder
  8. close trove
  9. right click the trove icon that's in finder
  10. click "show contents" from the menu that pops up
  11. go to the resources folder.
  12. go to the mods folder
  13. Drag the .tmod file in mods folder.
  14. Open trove
  15. click "esc" on your keyboard
  16. select mod
  17. You wil see that the mod is enabled!

The Glyph version of this guide is actually also on

On this reddit page, I have posted the question as the username "plumsmashers" then answered my own answer in the comments.

For those Mac trovians out there,

hope this helped ;)

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