Blocktron Art Contest - Results

Posted January 2, 2018 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 774 times.

Thanks for taking part in our Blocktron, the Guardian Beyond the Sky, we have the results ready for you thanks to our guest judges Pasteis (PC) and SkyTheVirus (PC) .


Featuring Blocktron and Friends/Enemies!Wanted to do something unique for this one, so I broke out all my Legos and went to town.

We all know that Blocktron is blocky, but I never thought that someone can actually make them with lego blocks! +1 point for creativity, +1 point for effort!

Sry  im no time continue finish this one   

This is just so amazing!!!!! I personally love artworks with high contrasted colour(especially with dark backgrounds), so I'd say, it's my favorite entry!

" I missed you so much .. . !!! "

Everybody loves high-five, riiight??? But I think high-five with dragon is the best highfive!!! o/★\o



  1. Uniqueness (Does the art stand out above the rest?)
  2. Artistic Quality
  3. Follows the rules

This is factory which making blocktron

"This is absolutely amazing use of line and perspective. Enough said, I'm blown away and lost for words."

A warrior who defends the universe.

"This really does feel that it's going straight twoards you, almost just as good on perspective as the other entry I've judged here in this contest. the blured effect really give a distance from Blocktron and the earth, even though Trove's earth is supose to be a cube (but it doesnt matter now)."


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