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Pandafest - Results Pandart News

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Posted November 27, 2017 by Evilagician (PC) and viewed 674 times.

Pandafest has come to an end and we've had loads of Entries to check. We would like to thank you all for your participation. The giveaway winners received their packs already, now its time to announce the pandart winners. Pack winners will receive their rewards automagically. The artists with a choice can whisper Evilagician (PC) with their choices.

Panda Pack Winners

Give it a try ! ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆

mau5head (PC) 3 weeks ago


Hey guys for the Pandafest I've drawn Panda mounts as playcards by a popular "magic" card game :) It's made by 10 separated drawn ( 1 for each mount) and all together they made the "Panda Power Deck" as shown in the title.

Mr_MojoRaisin_89 (PS4/EU) 4 weeks ago


No description entered

dustystorm (PC) 3 weeks ago


2x Panda of Choice Winners

just wanna draw a panda three that I liked best. XD 

DC013 (PC) 4 weeks ago


No description entered

MomoCow01 (PC) 4 weeks ago


Decided to draw the Candy Pandie for this contest!

Hinku (PC) 3 weeks ago


No description entered

Thornhawk (PC) 3 weeks ago


No description entered

SkyRider3217 (PC) 3 weeks ago


After long years have passed, The pandas have come and met each other again at Forbidden Spires.

Ainogommon (PC) 3 weeks ago


2x Panda of Choice Winners (Bonus)

pandas sao fofos !!;>

Di4n4 (PC) 4 weeks ago


No description entered

Vitor0307 (PC) 3 weeks ago


{[(Sorry For Bad Lighting X~X)]}     Grim hangin out with his friendss... Why does nobody remember that the Normal panda isnt allowed? .__.

SporeCreature (PC) 3 weeks ago


Pandas added to Trovesaurus Rewards

Rumors say, pandas might flee into the Trovesaurus Rewards section, but this depends on Etaew (PC) 's workmode.

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