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Crisopeia Art Challenge Results

October 29, 2017 | Etaew | 1,554

Thanks for your entries into the Crisopeia Art Challenge, we are ready to present the results. Our guest judges this contest are SkyRider3217 and Chronozilla with a suprise extra appearance and reward from Curtharv.

Art chosen by the judges will receive a code for the dragon, while those additional entries deemed to have made an appropriate amount of effort will receive 1 Reward Token for participating.

Curtharv's Choice

'For I will Never Bow'

No reason was given, so we asked SkyTheVirus for her thoughts

"This piece radiates a dark essence that really makes sense with Trove's intention for Crisopeia (being "corrupted by shadow" mentioned in a livestream) the outer glow does give a nice silhouette to the dragon. It's nice that the colors of the dragon is also transferred to the background. Brings a nice cohesion to a wonderful entry."

SkyRider3217's Choices


  • artistic quality and overall style
  • uniqueness and ambition (does this piece stand out above the rest?)

My picture is too messy sorry..But I painted hard.My favorite Dragon.(Translator)

This artwork is really impactful and really brings in lots of different elements to it. The massive use of red in the flames and the atmosphere really shows the destructive force this dragon is capable of and is not to be messed with. The glint on the eye really brings in personality giving it more of a scary look to it, making it look like it enjoys destroying such beautiful lands. Feels very grim in a world with lots of color, but that is what makes this unique. It does look very cool seing dragons in action.

I am not good at painting dragon, so I still choose Chibi style.

The cartoonish style of this one is really well done. There's plenty of movement going on here with both the dragon and it's rider, making it the main vocal point of this piece. The attention to detail is spot on with all the edges and corners and the highlights and shadows of a robotic dragon should have in this sort of senario. Also the background is simplistic but it at least does not distract the viewer from the main part of artwork, so it really fits in. Very well done!

Chronozilla's Choices


  • Not a regular artist I see
  • Art that I like

No description entered

No additional comments on the art

"Where is SHE?!" ~ Masked Dragon

No additional comments on the art

Crisopeia Challenge


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