Using the Catalog tool to render images of your Blueprints (Modding / Creations)

May 11, 2017 by Evilagician

If you are interested in creating Trove-esc renders of your mod, or TroveCreations styles, you can make use of standard tools supplied by Trion.

In this guide you will create a .bat file to help you render in different formats and in the end you will be able to catalog your own creations.

Preparation: Create a Catalog.bat file and a catalog directory

Go to your trove live directory and create a .txt file (Right mouse button -> New -> Text document).

Name it catalog.txt (or catalog_256.txt if you want different versions).

Open the created file and paste one of the code bits from below into the file.

Rename the file from a .txt file into a .bat file.

Repeat the steps for the other files (if you want different image sizes).

Also create the "catalog" - subfolder in the live directory.

code for Catalog_256.bat

set /p Var=Which item(s) want to be generated?
devtool.bat catalog -dimension 256 -filter '%Var%'

code for Catalog_512.bat (or catalog.bat)

set /p Var=Which item(s) want to be generated?
devtool.bat catalog -dimension 512 -filter '%Var%'

code for Catalog_1024.bat

set /p Var=Which item(s) want to be generated?
devtool.bat catalog -dimension 1024 -filter '%Var%'


Make sure the model you want to catalog is modded in.

The catalog tool uses the game to create renders. It follows the following chain of priorities:

  1. modded files from tmods
  2. modded files from blueprints/override
  3. original models

if you want to make a render of a complete model that has no _ui file you can mod a blueprint over a deco item and catalog that deco item

Run the catalog.bat file

In the Trove live directory, shift + right-click in the blank space and choose "Open command window here". This will open the command prompt where you can call upon your created .bat file. 512x512 is a nice size for renders, but i've included the other options so you make that choice for yourself.

Type "catalog_512"

Type the identifier for the to-be-rendered blueprint(s). It will render all pieces if you're vague on the identifier, for example

  • golem will render all models with golem in their name.
  • spirit_tank_golem will render all pieces of the guardian golem.
  • spirit_tank_golem_ui will only generate one .png file.

You can find the rendered images in the /catalog/ subfolder.

Warning: the renders fail if the blueprints are too big: catalogging dungeons or frigates is not useful.

Happy Cataloggin!

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Do wildcards work?

Ii think they are automatically added. I use the greek deco pillars for most of my catalog replacements. and i just type greek and they always appear

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