Site Updates - May Edition

May 2, 2017 | Etaew | 822

Here is the roundup of site activity and changes over the past month.

Site Changes in April

  • April 2: We can now publish pages in advance, and have them become visible and announce in future dates
  • April 2: Draft pages can now be archived, which removes their notification
  • April 2: The mail modal now shows avatars / tooltips and allows you to mark messages as read without going into the mail section
  • April 2: Several language packs that had no users have been removed
  • April 2: Helpers can be added to language packs, for collaborative translating (they need to be using the language pack to be selected)
  • April 2: Simplified Chinese is now available as a site UI language option
  • April 2: When using language packs, a header message is displayed
  • April 6: Re-added art title / author and like button to gallery previews
  • April 7: You can now subscribe to calendar events to receive emails when they start and finish
  • April 7: Japanese is now available as a site UI language option
  • April 8: The sidebar calendar now splits entries by type
  • April 10: Fixed an issue where some older screenshot uploads couldn't be viewed anymore
  • April 10: Added a new custom lists feature, which allows you to store lists of collections, items, deco and styles
  • April 11: You can now see a downtime history, along with the notification messages
  • April 12: Changed the URL structure of sharing draft pages, if you have any old links they are now invalidated
  • April 12: Fixed an issue where several styles imported had the wrong category and newer styles weren't properly imported
  • April 12: Activated the likes received badge
  • April 13: Fixed an issue where modders weren't actually notified of likes on their mod
  • April 13: Collection pages are now split into several subpages
  • April 14: Added a cleaner page not found (404) page, for articles, art and mods
  • April 14: Item and Collection searches now return large icons with tooltips
  • April 17: Fixed the member notes section for clubs
  • April 17: Added support for Traditional Chinese UI language
  • April 17: Standardised the navigation on the clubs pages
  • April 17: Modders can now upload .qbcl files to collection pages
  • April 20: New banner images added for featured livestreams, developer livestreams and upcoming downtime notifications
  • April 22: Collection and Mod pages can now show related art if referenced by name
  • April 23: You can now gift some of your Trovesaurus Gold to other users
  • April 24: Art tooltips now display the user submitted tags
  • Later: Added a new experimental section to gather design themes
  • Later: Added base support for npc imports 


We are open with our site stats, this month we report:

  • 55,875 users (down 30.87%)
  • 138,873 visits (down 32.41%)
  • 591,688 pages (down 31.99%)
  • 6,688 active accounts
  • 181 mods
  • 216 art

For more history on the stats please view

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May Plans

  • Improve appearance of mods list
  • Improve collection page appearance
  • Add parts, vfx and qbcl files to npcs section
  • Add styles to themes section
  • Release biomes page 


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