Rendering from Qubicle to Blender Chapter 5: Positioning your Model

February 13, 2017 by SkyTheVirus

Pose for the camera!

You have finally rigged your model and you can start to pose your model for the camera. This part is what makes your model come to life! Now whatever you do in this part is entirely up to you. To pose your model, you have to select each object and rotate it in a way that it looks natural.

Know that body parts have their limits

If you think about it, your arm can only twist at a certain angle and your hand can only stretch for so far. If you know the limits, it’ll defiantly look natural. 

Shoulders and Body

They don’t tend to move far apart from the origin. Only move them a little if you don’t like the clipping.

Shins and Feet

They don’t always have to face forward. Rotate them in the Z axis.

Epic always looks awesome!

If you can make it look as if it’s doing an epic pose, that should sell it!

You don’t have to keep the camera the way it is…

If you like to change the angle of the camera, GO FOR IT! Messing with camera angles could make the image more unique.

Render it to see if you like what you see

This is trial and error… also, you should have fun with this!


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