Rendering from Qubicle to Blender Chapter 1b: Getting your model Constructed (Creating your own model)

February 12, 2017 by SkyTheVirus

Here are some good things to know about making your own models!

Now if you’re interested in making something new, you’re gonna need some knowledge on how these models work. I’m going to use my Miragician as an example. You can do whatever you want, but here are some things to keep in mind:

Always start with a concept!

Highly recommended! It makes things easier if you have a design to work with, but if you aren't artistically talented, you can always refer to reference images from google images or other image search websites. 

Like these images. (This what the torso of the Miragician was based on)

Also, it's always good to do your research on the subject!

Your model must have an attachment point for each part.

If your model were to be considered by the Trove development team, you’re gonna have to put attachment points. Even if you can’t see it, it must be located at the absolute center of each part.

Margins have to be odd

This is to keep the attachment point at the absolute center. There can be space from the model.

There are no “arms” in Trove.

Sure there is thighs and legs for models, but there really isn’t any arms or anything in between an elbow/shoulder (unless your arms are tentacles) Not sure why is that, but that’s just how it is. The feet can’t be too far apart from the body if the model doesn’t have legs.

Simplicity is bliss!

Try to make the model as simple as you can and still portraying the idea. It relieves the stress of having to animate and, in your case, rendering. But if you wanna go hardcore and have tons of parts like a Shadow Tower boss, that’s up to you.

For classes and enemies with ads, keep all your models in separate workspaces

Sure you can have a workspace with all your models, but for rendering purposes, it’s better to keep each one separately.

Once you do have your model, be sure to make a copy and remove all the attachment points to get it prepared for rendering. Nobody wants to see a rendered image with attachment points.


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