Modding 101 Chapter 3d: Qubicle (3)

February 21, 2017 by Evilagician

Let’s start with some Qubicle basic tutorials from Minddesk. These provide an excellent basis for handling the program.

- Getting Started with Qubicle 3.0 (External)

Blueprint modification in Qubicle


Open Qubicle and create a new model from the splash screen (or CTRL+N in Qubicle).

There are multiple ways to get your model into Qubicle, but the most straight forward one is drag and drop. This will load the model into Qubicle as a new matrix.


Double-click (or press Q while having the matrix selected) to edit the model.


For this guide we will just do a recoloring of the head file and we are going to turn it into a green cookiephant. Because we are not adding or removing voxels we don’t have to edit all other head files (_s,_t or _a).


Exporting the modified model.

Export the model as a qubicle binairy(.qb) with the original filename.

To do this, select the model and press the [Export as Qubicle Binary QB] Button. This will prompt for a save location.

Save it in different folder (if you want to keep the original_qb or overwrite the original if you don’t care. In this guide we will overwrite the original, because we want to use the original material mapping (as we are just doing a recolor).

After you’ve selected the name, Qubicle will ask for some additional export settings:


Don’t change the default settings (if you find your model is rotated 180 degrees in Trove you might have to change Z-Axis from Right to Left Handed (or visa versa).

You've now modded the head file to a green version (still named blue, because mods Override the original model). If you'd like to change the specular mapping, import the _s.qb file and adapt the mapping.


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Modding 101 Chapter 3: Model Modification (Blueprints)

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In this chapter we focus on finding the specific blueprints, converting them to editable files, editing and using the override folder to see them ingame. Because you decide on the voxel editing software, we try to include the process for most of them.

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