Getting Started!

January 12, 2017 by sirmccree

Following this guide, you will make it through the starting part of the game easily! This guide contains detail on classes, builds, mastery and more!


         Upon starting, you will be asked to put your name and then choosing your class from 8 different starting classes (you will unlock more through out the game) here are some details on the classes

  • Candy Barbarian(CB) Is a very good all-around class, capable of dealing huge AOE (Area of effect) damage and healing allies as well as buffing them. Can be built as a damage dealer or a tank, is good either way
  • Boomeranger(BR/Boom) Is a class that can use both bow and sword (Also able to throw boomerangs), his skills are about blowing stuffs up. If you like surprise, u might like boomeranger because his ultimate ability will give you and your enemies a surprise (It sometimes spawn chickens as well :D )
  • Tomb Raiser(TR) A magical class that can spawn skeleton minions to fight for you! The skeletons can be merged to form a Grave Goliath, a powerful abomination that can take a lots of hits and also packs a punch! When in tight situations, it can go into Wraith form, negating 90% of incoming damage while attacking everything around it. Can be built as Damage dealer/Tank
  • Pirate Captain(PC) This class comes with your trusty parrot that can pilot a cannon! Attack enemies to steal their Doubloons to upgrade your cannon(s)! This class offers High DPS(Damage Per Second) and AOE damage. Can throw decoys to trick enemies into attacking the explosive cardboard!
  • Lunar Lancer(LL) A fast-heavy hitting class at the cost of low HP(Hit Points AKA health), his main attack is the crescent combo, dealing heavy damage and stunning every enemies in an arc. After gaining enough Lunar power(Gained by fighting) it erupts into "Lunatic Mode" Becoming tankier, moving faster and hitting harder. Build FULL DAMAGE!!! also some movement speed will help in farming.
  • Knight(It's already short) A decent tank (it lacks crowd control) but is also a good damage dealer. It is capable of stunning enemies and dash around attacking them, Suggested to be built as Damage dealer.
  • Gunslinger(GS) A ranged class with dual guns, can float in the air while raining down deaths upon enemies. To float in the air, basically jump and shoot enemies. Is one of the best DPS class in the game
  • Dracolyte(DL/Drac) A magical class that balances out tank and damage, with its ultimate, it can transforms into a powerful dragon increasing the tankiness and the damage dealt. Comes with a sidekick baby dragon that can spit explosive fireballs at enemies.

My suggestions on starting class would be Candy Barbarian, As I have said, you will unlock more class through out the game. But Candy Barbarian is the best class to start with due to the fact that it can deals a lot of damage and heal itself


Getting Started/Leveling

          The first few hours of the game, you will need to focus on the quests (Shown on top right corner of the screen) as it will teach you the basics of the game. There is nothing else to it until you reach level 10 with one of your classes.After that, you will notice you have unlocked a gem slot. Open gem boxes you found in the adventure worlds until you get the gems you wanted. Equip those gem and upgrade them for even more power!



          Mastery is the second most competitive thing in Trove, as you gain mastery rank, you will gain rewards and unlock more social actions (Reaching mastery rank 20 will grant access to Marketplace and Trading) Here is how you can get mastery:

  • leveling classes up (15 mastery + Costume unlocks)
  • Learning mounts (50,100,350 mastery each)
  • Looting new equipment styles (1 mastery each, 10 for event styles)
  • Learning allies (10,50 mastery each)
  • Looting new fish(5,10,25 mastery each)
  • Learning new recipes (2 mastery each)
  • Getting new items e.g. Boats|Fishing rods|Sails|Flasks|Tomes|Costumes|Emblems and more!


Adventure Worlds

          Once you are at the hub, infront of you will be a golden tower full of portals. The portal world difficulties will be ascending from low to high (Read details on the portals). Gem boxes will start dropping at Uber-1 world and beyond, you will be required to have some power ranks to enter specific uber worlds. When you are deciding to choose a world to farm in, Mind both the power rank requited and the level suggestions. I suggest you to farm in the world that u can easily kill the enemies.


Shadow Towers

          Once you got in a club, most club will have shadow tower portals in it (If not, you can craft it) Go to the portal and choose a boss you would like to fight. I would suggest to grab some friends (up to 8 players max). Once you got in, you will need to ascend the tower by killing enemies spawned from the cursed skull. Once you reach the boss (Shadow Pinnacle/Altar of the moon) the boss will spawn after you hit or activate the cursed skull. After you killed the boss, you will get Titan souls (From First 3 bosses) and Lunar souls (From Daughter of the moon), This rewards are only eligitable once a week. Trade the souls at shadowy market for goodies such as flux (From Titan treasure) and empowered gem boxes! Here is the list of the bosses

  • Spike Walker(SW) This boss will walk around putting spikes everywhere he go, those spikes are powerful and can't be destroyed by the player. His most powerful attack move is the rolling attack (He will crumble into a ball and roll around dealing tons of damage)
  • Weeping Prophet(WP) This boss is known for spawning laser-shooting eyeballs, try to get rid of the eyes fast or taste their wrath! The most powerful attack of this boss is the shadow tears(I made the name up) The prophet will cry, sending shadow tears everywhere dealing heavy damage everywhere it lands so watch out!
  • Vengeful Pinata God(Pin) The boss itself doesn't do much, but as you attack him, he will spawn tons of minions everywhere! Get rid of the minions fast before they outnumber you!
  • Daughter Of The Moon(DOTM) This boss comes with many stances with many powerful moves such as Lunar beam(She will shout really loud and a ray of light will shine upon her, ouch!) but one of the most powerful one is the "One-Shot" move, She drags her sword in a crescent and strike! killing every unit caught in the radius instantly!(HP doesn't even matter) The only one thing that can survive the One-Shot move is TR's Wraith form

There are 3 difficulties of Shadow tower, the harder, the better the prize!

NOTE* If you clear a boss on higher difficulty, the easier one will be cleared as well! so you don't need to do Hard SW and then normal SW

This is probably all you need to know to get started! I wish you the best luck on your journey to the top!

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Best regards


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