How to make flux, for begginers

January 12, 2017 by Suria7

This guide is only for players who begin to play with the launch of trove for consoles i'll explain to you the best way to make flux easier.



1.You need to reach mastery level 20 to unlock the market place.


2.You can mine ores and sell them on the market. I recommend farm on tuesdays because you're going to have a bonus when you mine.


3.Harvest sunlight bulbs. You can harvest them wih a bonus on mondays and then sell them on the market too.


4.Do shadow towers. Once a week when you complete a floor from shadow tower you will receive a titan soul and with 3 of them you can craft a TITAN'S TREASURE using a Shadow Market, this chest contains flux and rarely you can get 3-5 tanks of flux.


5.Craft Flux Folio. Craft it in Runecrafting Bench, Flux Folio when fully charged it produces 100 Flux.

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You only have to reach Mastery Rank 10 to unlock the Market place.

20 mastery was all the time.