G.R.Y.P.H. 3000. Snowfestivus second phase mount.

January 5, 2017 by Katten

 What is G.R.Y.P.H 3000?Top ^

Well to put it simply it's a mount that you can craft during the second phase of the Winter event 2016-2017.

The mount is made by: TheMafian

You will need some Robotic Salvage, so before we go deeper, equip your Cybernetics Catalogue!

Last update: 2017-01-06

What do we need?


 How do we get it?

The process is explained in no particular order, find one path that suits you the best.

Recommending to use the tome before we start: Cybernetics Catalogue


Well, first off.

Lets take a look at the  Robotic Salvage, this drops from Neon city mobs primarly.

So that will not be something easy to farm, you can either grab the tome or buy some of the market.

If you need to farm these I recommend putting Neon City as your current farmingzonem combined with the tome it should go rather smooth

After that

We need to grab ourselves some  Meteorite Fragment, this one is rather expensive to buy but easy to farm.

Head over to a jungle Biome (U4 and up), not the swamp, the canopy of the Primal Perserve.

To put it simple, the biome with 2 floors is where we want to hunt, they are easily spotted on the "top-floor" or if you want to call it the "roof", or the "ground-level" of the biome, many names that could fit here.


The underground level and the swamp biome (the one with only 1 floor) does not spawn the item we need, ignore these areas.

They come in quantity of 1 to 2, should be no issues to get these, a bit of luck to find the right type of biome for sure.


Now for the pain..

We are looking at Darknik Gear.

Have you noticed something red and scary shooting flames and lava all over the place, melting snow into water, and not taking any damage?

Yeah thats a Flamatron Mk II

It roams randomly in the Uber worlds, elemental and normal.

This bad boy drops the item we need, but to get it dead we need  Enchanted Snowball, Why you ask?

Do you notice the orange circle thats around it, thats a shield! (ever played WOW as a paladin?)

The Enchanted Snowballs remove the shield for a few seconds so you can damage it, shortly after its back up, and you need to toss a few more, the snowballs have a splash area that works on 2-3 Flamatron Mk II in a group, so dont be afraid to take on a few.


This is crafted from the Christmas tree crafting station at the HUB, cost

1 x Subzero Snowflake to craft

3 x Enchanted Snowball.

You will need plenty, but hopefully you have done a few christmas tree lairs so you have a stockpile, if not, I am happy to tell you there is also Present-dungeons (they look like presents!) that drop Subzero Snowflakes so it will be easier to farm these now, make loads, 300+ if not more of the Enchanted Snowballs.


Subzero Snowflake dungeons/Lairs looks something like this.



Yeah the Flamatron Mk II is a monster compared to other thing, so if you are farming just to get the parts I suggest moving down a few Uber-levels.

I am unsure how far down this spawn, but I have seen them in U5, the dropvalue is lower in lesser difficulties but the upside is, less snowballs and faster killing.

So dont be afraid to go down a few levels just to make it quicker, in the long run it might be way faster than having longer fightings just for that 1 more drop.

So from the data I have so far:

There is special dungeons in the Snow Biome that looks like giant robots, and the boss in there is a enchanced Flamatron Mk II,

So far I have notice no difference in the drops (the parts comes from the chest rather than the kill).

But the Flametron itself is stronger than the roaming variation, on the upside the G.R.Y.P.H. comes as a minion in the dungeon and its easier to spot!


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Do griffin fire a fireball that explodes on inpact, ldeal as others dragon's fireball?

Sadly it does not fire a ball of any sort, its a flying mount thou.

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liked this!