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January 2, 2017 by iAkachan

Hi and welcome to my guide on how to level up in Trove on Console/PC.

Now, before I start the guide, I would like to say thank you for having interest on my guide.

I have been playing Trove for about 4 months now so I decided to make a guide to help the community.

Without further ado..

So, you want to reach that level 20 fast? or even 30?

For beginners, they'll prolly be confused on what to do in the game. Fear not! Every starter, although not all, encounter this problem.

Let me guide you through your first or even for those who already have experience in Trove.

First and foremost, I found out that in the early levels each class has their own difficulty in grinding dungeons.
Let's take the shadow hunter for example, which is one of the popular class right now. Let us review the Shadow Hunter's skills:

First the Passive, Dark Whispers which marks enemies and amplifies damage dealt to them by your Radiant Arrow(also your basic attack if you have your class gem). Next the RMB/M2 skill, Radiant Arrow where you hold your M2 to charge an empowered arrow that goes through enemies. Next the 1 skill, Sun Snare which stuns enemies and has the most energy cost on all of the Shadow Hunter's skill. Lastly the ultimate or the 2 skill, Arrow of the Goddess which doeas 7 / 25 x Physical Damage.

Now, what is with the Shadow Hunter? First of all, they say that the class is trash w/out its class gem and yes it somehow is. But, with the right equipment you can at the very least do damage with your Radiant Arrow. Leveling with this class is ermm.. kinda hard but not really if you are with other players.

What does this mean? All classes are not the same and some are stat/gear dependent. While leveling up, you have to consider the stats on your equipments before proceeding to the next portal. I'm sure some of you already have found guides for your chosen class but for those who haven't yet, here's a link to Kukui's Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1S8bNjfqS0yJFsWuQ6bkeAfaMJZIDkxYo2wZZRQtyWp4/htmlview?pli=1&sle=true#

Here's the optimal gear prerequisites for each uber(credits to Underrated54):

Novice: Uncommon(0 Stars)
Adept: Uncommon(0 Stars)
Elite: Uncommon(0 Stars)
Master:Uncommon(4 Stars)
U1: Rare(1 Stars)
U2: Epic(0 Stars)
U3: Epic(5 Stars)
U4: Relic(1 Stars)
U5: Shadow 1(5 Stars)
U6: Shadow 4(5 Stars)

#themoreyouknow :P

For more efficient experience gain, follow the Level Requirements for each Uber:

Novice: level 1 - 3, Power Rank 10 required
Adept: level 4 - 5, Power Rank 60required
Elite: level 6 - 7, Power Rank 100 required
Master: level 8 - 9, Power Rank 160 required
U1: level 10 - 11, Power Rank 250 required
U2: level 12 - 14, Power Rank 400 required
U3: level 15 - 17, Power Rank 550 required
U4: level 18 - 20, Power Rank 700 required
U5: level 21 - 22, Power Rank 900 required
U6: level 23 - 24, Power Rank 1200 required
U7: level 25 - 26, Power Rank 2500 required
U8: level 27 - 28, Power Rank 5000 required
U9: level 29 - 30, Power Rank 10000 required

Now if for some reason, you cannot proceed yet to the next uber or cannot take the damage done by monsters on that uber, it is better to stay on the previous uber so no time is wasted.

Alternatively, when you reach 400 Power Rank you can immediately proceed to the Shadow Tower(which you eventually will and wiill do) with the help of a friend to get yourself your Shadow Gear and power level there. But nowadays, I mean let's be honest here, who doesn't join a club and ask for free shadow gears? :p #tip?

These might help!:
-Try to level with other players!
-Bombs will allow you to enter a dungeon without locating it's entrance!
-Having jump on your ring can make dungeons much easier to traverse!

Feel free to correct me mistakes and add some more info's I missed. I AM HUMAN AFTERALL. :D ciao!

Catch me in-game: iAkachan or iBabyBornon | Join our Club: Cult of the Door | Contact me on Discord: iBabyBornon #2367
Double Rainbow! Pfft!

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liked this!

Strange... Cause I farm in u3 with shadow 4 and reple.. RAINBOW, and only then can I farm properly and still end up dying sometimes. With LL

I farm in U4 with my lvl 12 gunslinger with relic and I died like... 0 times.