The Flux Guide ( With steed feed XD )

January 2, 2017 by 5w0rd

( Need 10 mastery level )

Flux the most useful item in trove, is easily the most sought after. if you are just starting off 1k flux may be a years worth. You can easily make that 1k in less than 30 minutes. 2 things steed feed and Market.


The market can make huge profits for you when you just started, its kinda like the stock market. The item i reccommend grinding is easily steed feed.

Some people say Where is the steed feed?

Well go to a gardening bench and click on the gardener section you will find a reddish item called steed feed seed. Itll take some time but when you reach gardener rank by crafting in the highest rank you can craft in.You will have to get the items however. Then you will reach the gardener status. Start crafting the steed feed seed. Then.......... spam click while you plant the crap out of your club world/ cornerstone. You will have to wait about 4-5 hours until they grow. After they look like the seed when its in your inventory attack it, you will then recieve the steed feed.

Start selling them till you get enoughh to by a shmeep.

Your probably wondering, why a shmeep. Well ill tell you. After you buy the shmeep from the market place, try to get 500 steed feed, 200 golden seashells, and 500 glim.

You will be able to craft the shwag shmeep from the adventurers bench at the mount section. You will be able to sell the mount for 40k flux. Now enjoy bathing in all that flux. Then lose it all by buying trove of wonders XD.

Me Steed Feed Farm

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