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December 23, 2016 by Evilagician

Getting your mod accepted into the game, will grant you 50-300 codes to distribute among friends/family and other players. To ease the distribution, Trovesaurus will grand modders a personal storage and distribution channel. These codes will still be yours to do with as your please. This guide will explain the functionalities and after reading this you should be able to 

  • Add codes to your vault
  • Grant codes to Trovesaurus users
  • Mark codes used elsewhere


Required site role

Access to your personal code vault requires the "Modder"-role. Ask Etaew on Discord to set this role for you. When granted, access to your "Code Vault" can be found in your user menu. Proceed to your code vault to continue.

Adding codes to the vault

Your code vault will display your different code sets. To add new codes to your vault, press the "Add Codes"-button (1). This will open up new fields for you to fill. This form will have two required fields to fill:

Name (2)

Fill this with something obvious that makes the content of the code clear to you AND to the people who will receive the code. Examples:

  • (Costume) Blastcap builder
  • (Dragon) Palashien, Soul of the Sea
  • (Mount) Drumsticks

Codes (3)

The codes can be a direct copy-paste from the supplied Excel file. Each code needs to be on a separate line.

Note, codes used in this guide are self-generated codes and they should not work on 

Press the [Send/Submit]-button to submit your codes into your vault.

Distribution of codes

Codes can be distributed on multiple channels, in-game, given to streamers or directly on Trovesaurus.

Marking codes distributed outside of Trovesaurus

After adding your codes you will have a clear overview of available codes. To mark codes used elsewhere, press the "available codes"-button. This will show you all your available codes. If you've given a specific code on other channels, you can mark the code as "used", by pressing the "Mark Used" button. This will flag that specific code as used, without a user attached to it.

Distribution on Trovesaurus

To grant a Trovesaurus user one of your codes, go to the specific user's profile page. To the right of the page, you will see the "Gift Code"-section.

The dropdown will show all your available codes and if you've already granted this user a code (you can grant 1 user multiple codes if you wish to do so). In the example below the user was granted a "Costume Flymode builder"- code with a custom message. Press Submit to send the user the code.

Codes granted on user profiles will be sent to the user through Trovesaurus mail (which will also send the message to the user's email). 


Q: Can other users see my Code Vault?

A: No, other users can not see your code vault, this is only visible to you.

Q: Can Trovesaurus staff access my codes?

A: The site owner can see your codes, but will not use them unless you grant him codes

Guide change log

  • 2016-12-23
    • Guide created and published.
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