Welcome to chapter 2 of Trove modding 101. This chapter will introduce you to file extraction. Trove has its gamefiles "compressed" by default. By extracting the game-files you will enable yourself to modify these files. This guide will give you three ways to extract the files, you can choose the one you like most. 

*To keep your /extracted/ folder up-to-date with new models, re-extract after each patch, with the new two-week-cycle this generally means once every other week.*

Option 1: Using TroveTools.net

Open TroveTools.net and check your settings for the primary location. In this example we use PTS as our main location. If you switch location, you will need to restart TroveTools.net.

Go to [Modder Tools] and then [Extract Archives], you will see the [Extract Folder] bit resembling our choice for PTS.
If you want to extract all files, just press the [Extract all archives] Button. This will initiate the extraction process.

If you are just interested in the blueprints, select “Blueprints” and click the [Extract Selected Archives] button.

The dev Tool output window will show the status of the extraction process, if you wish you can repeat these steps for Live (if you didn't already)

Option 2: Using devtool_unpack_client.bat (Script made by Ignitas)


Ignitas created a simple bat script which allow us to extract all client files by simply executing it instead of having to type ~50 commands in the windows console.

Download: devtool_unpack_client.bat from github (right click -> save as...)

Source: https://gist.github.com/chrmoritz/c304dead49ce6a38653f

How to use:

Download the script from the link above (right click it -> save as...) and move it to your Trove folder (next to the other devtool bat files and the Trove.exe).

The next step is as alway backup every not yet saved modification you did to the client files, because they will be overwritten with the newest version by the devtool.
*this should only be the case for vfx files, unless you did your modding in /extracted..*

To extract all client files to the extracted folder you only have to double click the devtool_unpack_client.bat file (inside your Trove folder) and a command prompt will open asking you if you are sure you want to continue (explaining the reason for the last backup step). Now you only have to type y (to continue or n to abort if you are not ready yet) and watch the devtool do it's job extracting all folders. After it's completion you should find all files extracted inside the extracted folder (located in your Trove folder).

BTW: It recursively iterates over all subfolders instead of using hardcoded paths so it should be future proof for later Trove client layout changes.

Option 3: Manual using the command prompt (taken from Milambits Comprehensive Modding tutorial)

Go to your Trove folder (Live or PTS) and right click in the folder while holding SHIFT, the option to [Open command window here] will be available when you do.

Paste the following commands to extract the desired files:

For blueprints files:

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive blueprints extracted\blueprints

For VFX files

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx extracted\particles\vfx

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx\particles extracted\particles\vfx\particles

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx\textures extracted\particles\vfx\textures

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx\textures\player extracted\particles\vfx\textures\player

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx\meshes extracted\particles\vfx\meshes

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx\atlasdefinitions extracted\particles\vfx\atlasdefinitions

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx\Animations extracted\particles\vfx\Animations

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx\Cache extracted\particles\vfx\Cache\Meshes

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx\Config extracted\particles\vfx\Config

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx\Editor\Thumbnails\Particles extracted\particles\vfx\Thumbnails\Particles

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx\Editor\Thumbnails\Meshes extracted\particles\vfx\Thumbnails\Meshes

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive particles\vfx\Editor\MaterialProxies extracted\particles\vfx\MaterialProxies

For UI files:

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive ui extracted\ui

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive ui\ability_icons extracted\ui\ability_icons

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive ui\crafting_icons extracted\ui\crafting_icons

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive ui\fonts extracted\ui\fonts

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive ui\meta_icons extracted\ui\meta_icons

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive ui\skins extracted\ui\skins

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive ui\store extracted\ui\store

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive ui\classes extracted\ui\classes

Trove.exe -tool extractarchive ui\tutorial extracted\ui\tutorial

Next step

Next step in this tutorial will describe the modification of in-game models.

Return to the Index <---|---> Proceed to chapter 3 for blueprint modification.

Guide Change Log

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    • Guide published
  • 2016-11-08
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I'm trying to do the extraction part, but NONE of the options are working for me. Can someone help me out? I'm a Windows 10 user.

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the unpack.bat dosesn't work (it doesn't make the "extracted" folder) im using windows 7

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i cant get the unpack.bat client thing to work at all please help me

Where does it go wrong? (Are you on windows?)

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. . . Wow, am i just a complete idiot or- Actually yes i am- is this just really hard to understand!?