Sharing you created mods on Steam Workshop. This guide will tell you what can do to upload your mod on steam.

Sharing on mods on Trovesaurus will remain unchanged, until Etaew decides otherwise! You can include links to your workshop item on the Trovesaurus Mod page and in the mod post on Trove forums.

Let's start sharing

This guide assumes you already turned your awesome mod into a .tmod file, if not follow this guide:

Modding 101 Chapter 6: Creation of a .tmod

Evilagician October 5, 2016 29 5

The new mod launcher and mod build  tool have been released on the 11th of October.
The new mod format will function alongside the new in-game mod manager -> Mods. 

You can choose one platform for your mod, or pick all available platforms (you do have to maintain them all if you do), 

Preparations & Limitations *read this before you start*

Make sure your mod is in the [Mods] Interface. Uploading and Maintaining your workshop submission is handled from within the game. Make sure you've started the game through Steam.

  • Only works with new mods or existing mods if the Steam account that created the mod is also the one playing.
  • There appears to be a limit on uploads/hour towards Steam workshop (unconfirmed/might be removed)

Important notice

Steam has restrictions on "new users", these limited user accounts have the following limitations regarding Steam Workshop and these are enforced by Steam, not Trion:

  • Submitting content on the Steam Workshop
  • Posting in an item's Steam Workshop Discussions

Trovesaurus will remain to support mods and modcreators and the Mods section will remain as well.

Upload your Workshop Submission

*Using tags will be enabled, will add this to the guide when it is on PTS. please note the tags do not function on live yet*

Be in-game and make sure the mod is loaded in the Interface. It doesn't have to be enabled, but it has to be in the list.

The following command is used (ingame) to upload your .tmod to Steam Workshop:



/workshop upload title="{title}" author="{author}" changes="{Comments}" tags="{tags}"


/workshop upload title="{title}" author="{author}" changes="{Comments}" tags="{tags}" hideOverlay

to hide the Steam overlay after a succesful upload.

Example: (make sure there are no spaces between the variable AND the value, also no capitals in the value_id e.g. no Title="" or title= "")

/workshop upload title="Candorian_maglev" author="Evilagician" changes="Initial upload to steam workshop" tags="Cosmetics,Candoria"

 Note: author is optional and so are tags (especially if tags where used in the .tmod creation).

List of available tags:

Ally, Ball, Boat, Cosmetics, Costume, Dragon, Fishing Pole, UI, Guide, Helmet, Language, Mag Rider, Mount, Npc, Sail, Wings


Candoria, Peaceful Hills, Neon City, Treasure Isles, Medieval Highlands, Desert Frontier, Cursed Vale, Dragonfire Peaks, Fae Forest, Jurassic Jungle, Permafrost, Radiant Runes

Tombraiser, Revenant, Shadow Hunter, Pirate Captain, Neon Ninja, Lunar Lancer, Knight, Ice Sage, Gunslinger, Fae Trickster, Dracolyte, Dino Tamer, Chloromancer, Candy Barbarian, Boomeranger

The game will upload your mod, with the .tmod title, and comment and change log, and will give a success-message to the right:

If you used hideOverlay you will need to go to the workshop manually, for the following step.

Set visibility in steam (either in overlay or your workshop submissions)

Next, upon success, Go to your Steam workshop items, because you still have to set the visibility of your mod!

Go to the drop-down list on the right [Change Visibility] and set visibility to "Public"


Note: There is a small delay for your items to become available for others.

Other things you can do with [Owner Controls]:

  • Change your mods title and description (Enrich the description with a link to the mod on and
    • Warning, if you change the title, a new upload will not increment this one. It will create another mod in your library.
  • Add additional pictures and even video's to your mod
  • Add/remove contributors (if you made this mod with someone else)
  • Delete your Mod (final, no /undo)
  • /ignore [Add/Remove Required DLC] and [Add/Remove Required Items]

To see statistics on your submission, click on the [Item Stats]-button in the top right corner, above the images.

This will display: Visitors, Favorites, And Ratings

Useful links: Steam Text Formatting

Update your Workshop Submission

Updating your workshop submission will be done in a simular fashion, because again following command is used for re-uploading your .tmod to Steam Workshop:

*Warning, if you changed your title to something else, change it back to the original filename of the mod!*

/workshop upload title="{title}" author="{author}" changes="{Comments}" tags="tags"

Example: (make sure there are no spaces between the variable AND the value, also no capitals in the value_name.)

/workshop upload title="Candorian_maglev" author="Evilagician" changes="Second upload, fixed issues" tags="Cosmetics,Candoria"

This will not be a success if the .tmod has not been changed OR if you changed the title on steam.

Known error codes

When uploading the .tmod to Steam workshop, you might get errors, the following list tries to solve issues.

  • Error code 09: File not found, make sure your .tmod is in the correct directory AND no dots in the name.
  • Error code 25: You probably exceeded your upload limit... there is a certain throttle on uploads/day.

Guide Change log

  • 2016-11-08:
    • Added tags functionality to Live, changed title of guide.
  • 2016-10-26:
    • Added {tags} functionality from new PTS build
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liked this!


一直出现错误代码8,上传不到创意工坊!请求解决!Always error code 8  




这个问题!Upload error code 8    

上传后显示:文件大小0.000 MB

使用 TroveTools .NET创建的 MOD

Try building it with



I use this one.

[Deleted User]

This comment by tian_ya has been removed by tian_ya

liked this!


I keep getting Error code 8. My mod replaces parts for the Starlight Dragon and it has a preview picture. 

Are you using the in game command? Try  It has never given me that issue and I know a lot of people get it from using the ingame command.  You can join discord if you need further assistance. 

Any idea how to fix this? Yes, everything is in the correct folders & I am using the /commands in the game to submit it.

Not without more detailed info on both your mod build and the exact command.  If you come to the trovesaurus discord it's easier to discuss that

Great guide :3!

Can't wait to upload my mods to the workshop x3