Dino Biome Teaser

August 3, 2016 by Etaew

Thanks to Trion we are teasing an exclusive preview of a new biome coming to Trove. Let us know what you think about it. We'll show you the full image soon.


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When will you show the complete image?

The hype is too much to handle. In other words: Ples gib ful screnshut plez.

It's about time they showed us a new biome! In my opinion Mantle of Power was a little bit of a let-down with the gems now being the most important equipment and their annoying way of upgrading. And now they come with this, loving the idea. Are they going to make a new class native to this biome as well? I have lots of untradable class coins lying around and nothing to use them on. 

The only appropriate mount is the Trovesaruas Raptor. Shame you only get them here from special promotions. Oh wait, I got one and so do many others. Sorry dragons, not your house.

 That looks like a real nice Spinosaurus.

They all need tophats and mustaches!

I smell a Trovesauras Mount Giveaway for this Expansion. Would be nice to see that mount more often in game.