A simple little Guide about market flipping.

August 2, 2016 by Aviana

Hello fellow Flux-Hunters,

This is my little Guide on market flipping and manipulation.



And welcome to my quick and simple Guide on market flipping/manipulation: 

First of all this is a short guide for new players searching for a way to gain flux relatively fast and without great efforts.

I won't go to deep into the matter but i might update this guide later on.


Now here are some simple questions one might ask himself: 

WHAT is market flipping. - Market flipping is, besides paying real money for stuff, the easyest and, if done correctly, fastest way of getting shitloads of Flux in Trove. It is the simple action of buying stuff cheap from the market and selling it for a higher price ("flip" the price) sounds relatively easy, doesn't it?

WHY should i do this. - Profit. Also if your concerns lie deeper: It doesn't hurt the market at all, you will still want to sell your stuff, so you can't raise the prize to high, but raising the prize helps fighting inflation that is generatet by the game itself, you don't hurt the ones whichs stuff you buy to just sell it for a higher amount, hell, they might be flippers themselves, and if not, who doesn't want to sell his stuff quickly? You don't hurt casual market users either, they can just buy and sell stuff normally. You even help stabalizing the prizes.

WHO can do it. - Everyone can do it, you need little to no flux to start with, but the more you invest, the more you will gain. Just remember the risk is also considerably higher.


Now a few tipps on what to flip, and how to properly do it.

First of all: find a market that is quick-selling, highly spammed with always new offers, and best: not affectet by the daily bonus.

Markets I use and can only encourage you guys to use aswell are: Radiant Shards, Shapestone, Robotic Salvages, Primordial Flames, ...

First you try to find the "normal" price of the day, for example 1:3,2 in Radiant Shards to Flux. Then you will buy every offer that is below that amount, DO NOT buy more then 1 and a half page of offers, if there are that many, this "low" price is the new "normal" price. DO ALSO NOT buy any recourses that are below 0,2 Flux per Unit away from the "normal" prize, the profit in this isn't worth the effort. What you will do now, is keep refreshing the page and buy any offer below yours and raise it to your prize while also claiming everything you sold. (6 market slots should be more then enough to start flipping) Just do it on your 2. Screen or listen to some good music/watch Youtube/Twitch.

But how do you sell your stuff? 

There are some rules to this:

1) Dont flip 2 markets at once. This creates confusion with the prizes for each market, and you might accidently sell for the wrong prize resulting in lost profit or wastet time. Also you would need to constantly check 2 markets for lower offers.

2) Don't sell full stacks. Its as simple as this, just don't do it. THey sell slow and who would buy a stack of eg. Shapestone, even if its the lowest prize, if he only needs 847? Just split the stacks into good amounts, depending on what you sell atm. For shapestone this can be 1000 and 2000, for Radiant Shards 500 and 1000 up to 5000, depending on how quick you wanna sell.

3) Consider your time. This helps you choose the right market and stack-size. If you want to actively flip for an hour or two, just go with a quick-selling one, eg. Shapestone/Radiant Shards, if you have the whole night, or wanna go to sleep, buy costumes/wings/mounts and post them for higher amounts. This works best with slightly underpriced really rare items, which you slightly overprice to set the new "normal" price, they often will sell within 2-6 hours, making it perfect to sell over night. Also becouse of the higher prizes this makes the most profit with only a few sales.

4) Get good at math in your head or use a calculator (on your phone). Being quick in posting you offers and recognizing underprized offers is what flipping and the market as a whole is all about.

5) Always sell 1 Flux below the "normal" prize. Thats an easy one, but why should you do it? For example if you sell Radiant Shards for 3,2 Flux each, dont sell 1000 Radiant Shards for 3200 Flux, but for 3199 Flux. Everyone following the new prizeline, or who already offered for this prize will be one flux higher then you, so your offer will show up first in line and sell more quickly. Also who would buy anything for 1 Flux more?

Casual Sellers: These are the one you make the most profit of. Maybe who just farmed Radiant shards for 3 hours, and suddenly there are 3 new offers 1 Stack Radiant Shards for 2,5 Flux per unit. But you sell for 3,2. SO what to do? Simple: Buy all his stacks. He loves selling fast, and will sell for lower prizes the whole time now, becouse it got bought so quick. You will make profit, just splitting his full stacks into 1000/ 2000 each and selling them for 3,2 becouse most trovians don't need or want to buy full stacks (they are expansive). Thats why casual sellers are you easyest way for bigtime profit. (this happens more then you would expect)

Daily Bonuses: Another way of making a shitload of Flux and maybe the most effective way of flipping, is using the daily bonuses. For example: Just buy Shapestone at Mining-day or Radiant Shards at Shard-day and sell them 3 days later. This needs some time investment and has a higher risk becouse you don't know how the "new" prize in 3 days will be but it usally makes up to a 1,2 per flux plus on some ressources. Just remember this isn't exactly flipping, as it needs a long time and patience waiting for a good prize.

Hovering Flux: Hovering Flux is the term for Flux that you have in stuff that you try to sell. Basicly if you have an offer for a costume with the prize of 150k on the market, you are currently hovering 150k Flux. You will get that Flux eventually, but it doesn't help you right now buying low offers on the market. Which may result in missing out on the deal of your lifetime, becouse you just can't buy this Comic Hero costume for 18.000 Flux (someone forgot a 0), becouse all you flux is currently hovering. Just don't overcommit into hovering Flux, and try to keep about 1/3 of you total Flux value as "hard" Flux (not in containers, you cant quickly buy shit with them).

Raising: Raising is the term for flipping gone wild. Imagine a nice house cat, a little lazy, laying in the sun. This is flipping. Now imagine a fuckin bengalian albino-tiger on crack going on a murderspree after escaping from the Zoo and just running threw the city eating babys, while also being on fire. This is raising. Raising is basicly flipping the market of a ressource (Radiant Shards, Shapestone, Primordial Flames, ...) COMPLETELY. Remembered how i said, if the first 1 and a half pages have one prize, dont flip there? That doesnt matter if you have enough Flux to flip the first THREE FUCKIN SITES and set a completely new, bullshit high prize. The risk on this is enourmes but the profit is gigantic. I would say: don't do it. But if you have the nerves to do it, and want to completely dictate the market, making profit without end, then this is the techinque for you. Tho, i might recommend using a smaller/slower market as you can buy the new, propably lower offers faster, but also not one thats to slow, becouse you will never sell all the stuff you just bought then. If you are completely batshit-crazy try doing it with Shapestone at the end of mining day. Also, as you can basicly dictate the new prize, don't make it to high, this will never hold for long and you might not be able to sell all your stuff. Anyway, i recommend trying it once, when you are relatively safe within your Flux value, and then deciding if this is the way for you.



ANYWAY: Thats my quick guide to market flipping, if you have any points/experiences/ideas type them into the comments, i will consider adding them into a guide. Or just comment your craziest deal of all your Trove-time. I hope you enjoyed. I apologize for my mediocre english (im agerman, booh). And yeah, go out there and flip all the markets.






                       I didn't make this video, but the series explains it very well.


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