Indepth Guide to the Pure DPS, Neon Ninja

July 19, 2016 by SentinelKnife

Ever wondered how to build the perfect Neon Ninja, well this is the guide for you to read. Gems and all will be explained here including playstyles.

The Neon ninjaTop ^

A Ninja doesn't need a blade to slay his enemies, he only needs his Heuristic Hackstar.

Welcome to my guide on the Neon Ninja, we'll be covering quite the topics today so let's get a move on by starting out on the Ninja's basic equipment. A Neon Ninja has to be able to hit targets fast and dash out, that is the playstyle before endgame however. The gear to the Neon Ninja is simple, here it is.

Hat Weapon [Sword] Face
Maximum Health Physical Damage Maximum Health
Attack Speed Attack Speed Attack Speed
Critical Hit Critical Damage Maximum Health
Critical Damage Critical Hit Critical Damage

Now you might be wondering, a ninja should have Energy Regeneration? Well once you obtain the Heuristic Hackstar or the Class Gem for Neon Ninja, you won't need ER that much, you'll just be hitting and going to stealth and throw the shuriken which will deal heavy damage. Now moving into gems, I'd recommend these but feel free to switch it up.

Water Water Air Air Fire Fire
Maximum Health Maximum Health Maximum Health Maximum Health Physical Damage Physical Damage
Critical Damage Crititcal Damage Health Regen Health Regen Critical Damage Critical Damage
Critical Hit Critical Hit Critical Damage Critical Damage Critical Hit Critical Hit

If you are unable to 100% imitate those stats, that's fine. You're gonna need stats similar to those in gems to really deal the massive damage. Critical Damage and Hit are the two key factors in this build so be ready to see a lot of those. Next up, Empowered Gems.

Stinging Curse  * Stunburst * Explosive Epilogue
Physical Damage Maximum Health / Physical Damage Physical Damage
Maximum Health Critical Damage / Hit Critical Hit
Critical Damage / Hit Maximum Health [%] Critical Damage

*Stunburst* is the gem to replace once you get you're class gem. With this gem build, you're Neon Ninja's damage is solid and his health is high enough to take on U9. Here's a video by ScythePlays on how the class gem for the Neon Ninja is used. 

And the perfect ally is depending on situation and your current build. If you want better survivability due to your low health, then use the Prowling Shadow since it heals you everytime you hit a enemy. If you want more damage, its clearly the Raptor Berserker . Now I only prefer using either of those 2 allies, but if you have a better ally to use then feel free but I recommend those ones. 

Raptor Berserker & Prowling Shadow

Now for the flasks and emblems, the best combo is Death Defying Vial along with the two emblems Martial Emblem and Surestrike.

Death Defying Vial  &  Martial Emblem  &  Surestrike Emblem

That's all for building the Neon Ninja. You'll be hitting solid damage soon enough I can tell. And perhaps Ill do more guides like this on other classes.


Sensei-Knife, out.



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