How to make Perfect Shapes and Various Pixel Art

July 11, 2016 by [Deleted User]

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To help you create the perfect shape such as a circle, or to recreate a perfect copy of desired pixelated art piece. Specifically for those that just started building experience within Trove.

Trove, while being a voxel world, the cubes are about the size of your character. This in turn can make building specific shape or form rather difficult due to the scaling.

To aid you, there are several ways to go about it.

Here's what we will be going through on this guide:

  • Create shapes using digital painting program
  • Generate pixelated shapes using online sources
  • Making pixelated art
    • General 2D game inspired art
    • Personal pixel art 
    • Other complex voxel creation such as 3D creation


Digital Painting Program

For general geometrical shapes, you can do it through the complex way of using digital painter programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, or even just the inbuilt program of Microsoft Windows Paint.

Simply open your desired program and draw whichever shape you wish. Advanced painting programs like Photoshop usually have ready-made shapes for you to simply print out on screen. As I am personally more involved with Photoshop CS6, I will be using Photoshop as my main sample program. 

Remember, it is NOT necessary to use photoshop. Any program you are associated with and their relative usage tutorial/manual can be found online with ease. 

Example: Photoshop and Path Tool

 A quick glance at Photoshop's possible tool of To the right, we have a Photoshop screen with a circle drawn using the "Ellipse" tool, a similar result can be created via the "Path" or "Pen" tool. 

Using the same or similar tools, we can also create various other shapes such as triangles or even complex polygon shapes. As illustrated in the following image.




Different shape and diversity can be made using tools provided.

Online Image Search and Generator

Of course, not everyone requires or have digital painting programs to work with. Thus another way for simple shapes can be made via some online generator. One can simply google "pixelated circle" to get a whole range of images that provides circular shape in pixels.

Various size of circles, which are found by google image 'pixelated circle'.

Other shapes may require a bit of research work, but overall can be found within reasonable ease. 

Other Pixelated Art

For some other who wishes for more advanced form in their club world or cornerstone, these methods may or may not help them. 

"Legend of Zelda and Mario world's" GoogleTranslate Clubworld showcase.

Like the image above, these pixel arts are of varied shape and size, some with a more diverse color palette than the other. Most works of art or game can be found via internet image search result, one just has to simply copy over the exact or approximated amount of pixel cube and translate it onto the canvas--whether it is your private cornerstone or a club world where you wish to share your work with your friends (One example is given to the right).

Others who have more wild design that are from their creative soul would need to be as creative in redesigning their art within this cubic filled world. Similar methods can apply just the same, but it would be a more tiresome process as one would have to create a pixelated version of their own work first.

 It is the same for 3-Dimensional pixel art, as showcased in the above image as well. Working with a 3D digital program would help just as much as a 2D digital painting program. Any voxel editor or viewer would be immensely helpful in this situation as well.













This concludes my creation guide. Happy building Trovians!




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