Catgirl Maid

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Check out this custom pet I made! A catgirl-maid. Isn't it your dream? Has two versions. One replaces Natty Noah and one replaces Blue Raptor.

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liked this! still no plan to port this?
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does this still work


Nope! With the new .tmod format that trove introduced, I doubt this mod works anymore. It's a very old mod I made that's very experimental, so I didn't update it along with my other mods. I'm sorry if you interested, but I will not make an update on this one.

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  • blueprint 12+
    • C_C_raptor_blue_body
    • C_C_raptor_blue_head
    • C_C_raptor_blue_jaw
    • C_C_raptor_blue_L_foot
    • C_C_raptor_blue_L_hand
    • C_C_raptor_blue_L_thigh
    • C_C_raptor_blue_neck
    • C_C_raptor_blue_R_foot
    • C_C_raptor_blue_R_hand
    • C_C_raptor_blue_R_thigh
    • C_C_raptor_blue_tail_01
    • C_C_raptor_blue_tail_02
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Created: February 14, 2015

Type: ZIP

Originality: Original Work

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