Fae NPC Rig but it's now Nukekubi Rig

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Help! Help! I accidentally turned all faes in Fae Forest into Nukekubis!! I need your help!! they're going to eat me!!!1

(Trove's Subreddit's choice out of this first poll)

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I wanna see the left leg and right leg swap thing, sounds like it'll look horrible.

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  • blueprint 24+
    • c_c_fae_mastery_magic_head
    • c_m_ability_shadowdrone_range_head
    • c_m_fae_darkfae_frogue_head
    • c_m_fae_darkfae_fwarrior_head
    • c_m_fae_darkfae_king_head
    • c_m_fae_darkfae_mcaster_head
    • c_m_fae_darkfae_mwarrior_head
    • c_m_fae_darkfae_queen_head
    • c_m_fae_dream_melee_head
    • c_m_fae_frostfae_female_head
    • c_m_fae_frostfae_male_head
    • c_m_fae_moonprophet_head
    • c_m_fae_pinfae_shadow_head
    • c_m_fae_pinfae_trove_head
    • c_m_fae_pinfae_winter_head
    • c_m_fae_radiant_caster_head
    • c_m_fae_radiant_melee_head
    • c_m_fae_tutorial_melee_head
    • c_m_fae_wildfae_fcaster_head
    • c_m_fae_wildfae_fwarrior_head
    • c_m_fae_wildfae_king_head
    • c_m_fae_wildfae_mrogue_head
    • c_m_fae_wildfae_mwarrior_head
    • c_m_fae_wildfae_queen_head

places attachment point in the very bottom with 126 voxels possible height in MagicaVoxel for following creatures:
Fae Darkfae Frogue
Fae Darkfae Fwarrior
Fae Darkfae King
Fae Darkfae Mwarrior
Fae Darkfae Mcaster
Fae Darkfae Queen
Stark Snow Spirit
Bitter Snow Spirit
Fae Shadow Mwarrior
Affix Fae Shadow Caster
Wild Faes King, Female Warrior, Female Caster, Queen, Male Warrior and Male Rogue (because sites glitches and doesn't want to show them correctly)
Winter, Celebratory and Shadow Pinfaes (Same reason as above)
Radiant Fae Caster and Radiant Revenant Knight
Tutorial Ghost/Magic damage melee affix + Mastery Magic Damage melee affix
Lady Seldarine

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Created: February 26, 2021

Type: ZIP

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 455

Downloads: 4

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