Remove Unnecessary Effects

Author: RNG

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  • Into the Deep Patch - Compatibility
  • Compatibility support for a few more mods.

Download Remove Unnecessary Effects (1/12/2019)

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hey, i tested few things, this mod kinda overwrites half of the cosmetics im using including mounts/costumes (what have custom vfx)
tested ingame what the world is like with it and without and not too much difference
also the vfx from npcs/mounts like ganda particle effects can be disabled turning the VFX into minimum or using /fxenable 0

wanted to ask what is the mods usage since its replaces over 3.1k files, it only replaces particles of mounts/dragons/allies/costumes/npcs?

this is ur mod:
without mods:



This mod disables most VFX including mounts, allies,  generic NPC, environment, some from playable classes, and a few more.
I decided to use my old method back from 2016 - to keep only necessary VFX for the game itself.
Usage for the mod? Mainly for farming in a large group of people and be able to see the target or to improve frame rate a bit.
/fxenable is not perfect because it blocks everything, including important VFX such as portals, class skills or enemy skills. For me, the VFX settings in the game are more annoying than helping. I also made that mod before that was a thing.


thx for the answer, is more clear now ^^"


Remove all unnecessary effects with this mod.
Added compatibility with a few more mods.


Created: December 1, 2019

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

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