Neon Ninja

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Inspired by Neon Ninja's Speed

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Author: PROfessOriginal

Notes: Replaces: Sageosaurus

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  • blueprint 12+
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_body
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_head
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_jaw
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_l_arm
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_l_foot
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_l_thigh
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_neck
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_r_arm
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_r_foot
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_r_thigh
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_tail_01
    • c_mt_raptor_trovesaurus_tail_02
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Created: April 23, 2019

Updated: March 19, 2020

Type: TMOD

Originality: Inspired Work

Trovesaurus Views: 3,044

Downloads: 105

Inspired Work

This idea or design of this mod has been inspired by something else.

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