The Master Radar VFX

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Yellow aura removed from clones

1.4 MB

Fix Cube Color

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Skull = celestial cube

Boss = Black and Orange Circle

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The boss highlight portion of the mod, the reason for downloading this loses functionality in worlds below uber1. Below u1 world bosses stop getting tagged by this mod. Furthermore, at Adept and Novice levels dungeon bosses stop getting tagged by the mod.

I almost thought the mod wasn't even real when I tried to test it out in Novice world. Then I played normally and suddenly it worked. This prompted me to test where the mod fails and got the results above. It's no bigge though. I only wanted this to help me do Geode topside 5 star dungeons anyway.

I like the concept, but the colors are too strong. The blue and red could be softer and not as vibrant. Also dont know why there are big stars circulating the skull box? If you use this mod in ST's, expect to go blind or get severe seizures xD

A ver que tal esta si mi pc lo corre Kappa

Quick TMOD

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Author: CrazyOnly

Notes: Replaces: Aura Boss vJune2020

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  • pkfx 30+
    • character_mount_dragon_deepsea_headglow_02
    • character_npc_affix_aoeheal_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_beam_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_beam_magic_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_bee_01
    • character_npc_affix_gravitypylon_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_gravitywell_01
    • character_npc_affix_iceaura_01
    • character_npc_affix_iceaura_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_icebomb_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_meteor_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_meteor_ice_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_mirrorimage_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_mushrooms_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_nova_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_sawblade_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_shadowchick_01
    • character_npc_affix_shadowchick_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_shadrone_01
    • character_npc_affix_spiders_01
    • character_npc_affix_spikes_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_stinky_01
    • character_npc_affix_teleport_01
    • character_npc_affix_teleport_summon_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_turret_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_turret_flamethrower_ambient_01
    • character_npc_affix_vortex_ambient_01
    • character_npc_dragon_egg_keeper_pirate_breath_01
    • environment_ominous_totem_idle_01
    • item_chargestation_persistant_01
  • dds 1+
    • vfx_flux_dragon_01
  • png 1+
    • the master radar vfx

Aura Boss

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Created: January 8, 2019

Updated: June 9, 2020

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

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Steam Workshop Views: 50,198

Downloads: 32,994

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