Torchwood, the Burning Nightmare

Author: SkyRider3217

This monstrosity lies dormant for months only coming active once a year when the moon grows evil. It wanders the darkest forests in search for innocent prey to feast on as it burns its victims alive in its ever scorching flames. It is the reason why people who get lost in the cursed forest at this time of year never return alive.


Happy Shadow's Eve everyone!
Its the spookiest time of the year and to celebrate it, I will be making spooky themed mods for this month. This is just one of the several mods I will be posting while the event is going on, so be sure to visit my mods page to see those mods come to life.

Theme: Shadow's Eve; Spooky Torched Wood
Programs Used: Qubicle 2.0

Time Spent:

  • Design: 30 min
  • Base Modeling: 6h 30 min.
    • Head and Body: 4h 30 min.
    • Wings: 5h
  • Texture Maps: 10 min
  • VFX: 1h
  • Testing: 1h

Total: 12h 10m


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Created: October 23, 2018

Updated: October 11, 2018

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 3,043

Steam Workshop Views: 2,845

Downloads: 771

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