Updated my mod

I know many modder are good at design unique costume
so I wanna rework my old mod, my old version is just change color and simple (is mean nothing special)

BUT! only VFX part I don't wanna rework
(because I don't know how to use VFX tool and I don't have much time to fixed some issue "I still have heavily job")

Rework version - Special thanks to:Willy_Sunny, ShiiiiiiShuuuuuuAwA, Duolagong, _Orangea
and my some friends


Before banner:

Rework banner:
Not yet (ASAP)



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Warning,if your mod list have VFX less Mod,is will be disabled this mod,recommend disabled VFX less mod and run it again 

This mod vfx use trove original old version Draco vfx

Level 10 Dracolyte



Everyday Firestarter


Created: September 12, 2018

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 5,083

Steam Workshop Views: 3,411

Downloads: 320