Fossil Fishin' Not Submitted

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"Be glad they've gone extinct. You wouldn't want to snare one of these monstrosities, now would you?"

It's a rod made from a ribcage, complete with the creature's skull as a bobber and a trilobyte lure. There appears to be a weird reddish energy coursing over its surface, as well. Huh.

This mod (should) also have custom VFX: bones fly up when the rod splashes into the water or gets a bite.

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  • blueprint 3+
    • item_fishing_basic_bobber
    • item_fishing_basic_pole
    • item_fishing_lure
  • pkfx 2+
    • gameplay_fishing_lure_sink_01
    • gameplay_fishing_lure_splash_01
  • dds 1+
    • vfx_butterfly_fb2x2_01

The Basic Fishing Pole and the Lure item

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Created: April 6, 2015

Type: ZIP

Originality: Original Work

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