Removed beam from Active Altars (to work with Altar Timer Display mod)

Changed beam color/style for Clones affix, easier to find clones for pirrot lord adventurine quest.

Removed Pinata Invader beams.
Made a standalone mod for Pinata Invaders. (Pinata Invaders Beam Radar)

Increased Pinata Invader beam speed going upwards by ~140%
Increased All Boss beams speed going upwards by ~55%
Minor Optimizations for better performance (not noticeable)

Added different color beams to Pinata Invaders.

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After the Eclipse Update this mod doesn't work anymore could you please update it?

P.S. i disabled all the other mods, i delete the "overide" folder and still it doesn't work

Hi, how do you activate the mod in the game?

could you have a look at the number of beams for the pirate dragon while it is in its lair ...i really feel like it's the number of beams that makes me to drop a few fps


ps: did i thank you? ;p

Awesome mod. Makes clearing those "rng labyrinth" dungeons 10x faster.

In addition to lair bosses and cursed skulls, it marks dragon enemies, sub-bosses (open world bigger mobs), and event enemies aswell. =)

Chicken green

it doesnt really make finding dragons easier... (maybe make something to make finding dragons easier?)

Tks for the fast updates :)

How to install it manuell ???

Helps with the few annoying lairs and also helps with farming when U gems in Element worlds only thing it dosent detect is cursed skulls but that seems 2b the only downside


Created: September 16, 2016

Updated: July 19, 2018

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