Lunar Leap

PC - Lunar Leap - October 12, 2021

Dear Trovians,

Did you have time to test the Lunar Lancer revamp on the PTS? Do you like to test on the PTS in general when it is opened?

As you can imagine, this "Lunar Leap" update is all about revamping this fearless character class blessed by the Moon - but that is not all ...
Fans of delves will not be disappointed! You will be able to discover an update of the rewards of the delves ranking with lots of new features, especially regarding the different game modes.

And to top it off, you'll be able to find new dungeons, new styles, and other fixes in this "Lunar Leap" update.

Check out the amazing content of the "Lunar Leap" Update and discover all the new stuff!

The following patch notes are PC only. Here's an overview of today's update:

With this revamp we wanted to keep the core gameplay style of the Lunar Lancer while removing some of the awkwardness around the class and increasing the overall damage. Some of the main complaints we wanted to address were the speed of the grapple ability and the awkwardness of entering Lunacy mode. We have removed Crescent Combo from the basic form of the Lunar Lancer because the class was relying too heavily on it, replacing it instead with more movement potential. Lunacy mode (now known as Lunarform) has an increased buff and gives access to new abilities. Additionally, Lunarform is now activated by using the ultimate while at max Moon Power (energy). Energy Regen and Max Energy gain no longer affect the class; instead Moon Power is gained by attacking enemies with basic attacks or abilities. While in Lunarform, Moon Power drains over time and abilities cost Moon Power. At zero Moon Power you will revert to the basic form.

  • Basic Abilities:
    • Passive - Lunacy - Using abilities or attacking enemies gives Moon Power. Gather enough to become infused with the power of the moon. Lunar Lancers gain Moon Power instead of energy.
    • Basic Attack - Increased damage of basic attack by 280%. Increased hit range and added new animations.
    • New Primary Ability - Grapple – Pulls the player towards their target. On impact deals 350% damage to nearby enemies. If Grapple misses the target it will be refreshed.
    • New Secondary Ability - Lunar Leap - Jump up into the air dealing 350% damage to enemies around the player and gain slow fall. For a short time the grapple becomes Lunar Infused, dealing increased damage. After damaging enemies the player gains an attack buff.
    • New Primary Ability - Lunar Infused Grapple - Pulls the player towards their target. On impact deals 800% damage to nearby enemies, triggering a physical damage buff.
    • Ultimate Ability - Lunarform - This ability can be used at max Moon Power. When used the player transforms, gaining increased movement speed, 50% reduced damage, and 130% increased attack damage. Moon Power drains over time and at zero the player reverts to their basic form.
  • Lunarform Abilities
    • Basic Attack - Crescent combo - Perform a sweeping attack back and forth dealing 680% damage. This ability has a chance to stun.
    • New Primary Ability - Eclipse Spear - Throw a spear that deals 550% area damage. Costs Moon Power.
    • New Secondary Ability - Lunar Slam - Jump up high into the air and slam down dealing 1150% damage and stunning enemies. Costs Moon Power.
    • Ultimate Ability - Blessing of the Moon - Summon a spear from the heavens that increases stability and movement speed, additionally applies an healing over time buff to allies. It also deals 1350% damage to enemies on impact and deals additional damage over time. Costs Moon Power.
  • The Lunar Lancer Class Gem, Shadow Lancer, has been adjusted to work with the new Lunarform.

  • 42 new temporary banners are available as awards for weekly Delve contest leaderboards:
    • CHALLENGE MODE awards the top 8 and top 100 players of the "Deepest" and "Fastest 3-Tier Clear" leaderboards with a GOLD or SILVER banner
    • PRIVATE MODE awards the top 16 and top 100 players of the "Deepest" and "Deepest 3-Tier Clear" leaderboards with a GOLD or SILVER banner
    • PUBLIC MODE awards the top 16 players on the "Deepest Delve AS a class" leaderboard, and the top 100 players on the "Deepest Delve WITH a class" leaderboard
  • These banners give neither mastery nor stats, cannot be deconstructed, and go away each Monday when leaderboards reset. They are purely for showing off!

  • New Cursed Vale Dungeon from Exootex!
  • New Geode Topside Dungeon from FoodFight2!
  • 2 New Geode Topside Dungeons from Cyekie13_!
  • New Geode Topside Lair from JoshuaFT!

  • Emerald Tiara, a new hairstyle from Erythra!
  • Lunary Cut, a new hairstyle from FailedVictory!
  • Fishy Fins, a new haistyle from SkyTheVirus!
  • Feral Claws, a new Fist style from SkyTheVirus!
  • Fine Tuner, a new Fist style from galaxoman!
  • Balefire Bruisers, a new Fist style from Garvenius!
  • Plasmic Solvents, a new Fist style from onigiry!
  • Fists of the Limitlessness, a new Fist style from 4rkeN!
  • Crystalized Might, a new Fist style from Stardustian_Drago!
  • Deadly Daisy, a new Spear style from Rubricks!
  • Clubbed Poker, a new Spear style from DakotaSpine!
  • Crossfade, a new Spear style from Polkadog!
  • Cloud Piercer, a new Spear style from seedyman!
  • A very Rare Bird, a new Spear style from onigiry!
  • Six-legged Buddy, a new Bow style from Sqwyt!
  • Firewood, a new Bow style from LFPOM!
  • Pagoda Protector, a new Bow style from Marzes!
  • Venomous Fly, a new Bow style from Marzes!
  • Spine of Corruption, a new Bow style from FoodFight2!
  • Soulcursed Warden, a new Staff style from Exootex!
  • Lapidus Quartus, a new Staff style from 4rkeN!
  • Forbidden Needle, a new Staff style from Cyekie13_!
  • Luminous Edge, a new Staff style from Kiwimaximus!
  • Turkey Stuffer, a new Gun style from UnseenRhyme91!
  • Proton Propulsor, a new Gun style from jackemled!
  • Hydra's Snapper, a new Gun style from TFMHisztrike!
  • Shining A.T.M.O.S., a new Hat style from 0sita!
  • Blossoming Art, a new Face style from Kepor!

  • When personalized loot chests appear on Delve Stepper delves, they now have a chance to grant a different memento than the memento that was possible in that depth's pressurized loot box.
  • Added the Chaotic Collection Stash to the store. When consumed, a Chaotic Collection Stash unlocks any one Chaotic or Chaos Vault mount, ally, wings, aura, or magrider that the player does not already own. The Chaotic Collection Stash does not unlock Chaotic or Chaos Vault ships or sails. This item costs 2500 credits and deconstructs in to 50 chaos chests.
  • Added in the Artsly Assistant hat style under Promo for players who are highlighted in art contests or appear on the loading screen.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Jurassic Jungle from using all of the 1* Dungeon options.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a crash when spawning air currents.
  • Plasma will no longer drain energy from Lunar Lancer or Pirate Captain.
  • Fixed a situation that could break the HP bars for target dummies.
  • Updated the tooltip for Club vaults to reference the interaction button.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the vfx for Jubilant Song to fly away.
  • Fixed some vfx issues for the A.T.M.O.S. and Erimatra dragons.
  • Fixed part of the Bucolic Beau Dino Tamer costume.
  • The Delve Shadowkey Codex tome has had its appearance updated.

Have fun!

Best wishes,
The Trove Team!

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