Diamond Dragonite Pouch

A tradable pouch containing 10 Diamond Dragonite. Diamond Dragonite itself is not tradable!

Designed by: Trove Team

Lootbox Contents

Opening Diamond Dragonite Pouch may contain one the following items each attempt.

This lootbox does not benefit from Loot Karma!

Please be aware that some items may no longer be obtainable.


We have determined the following methods can be used to obtain this item, however there may be others we haven't listed yet.

Found in the following Trove Store Packs:

A very rare Diamond Dragonite Pouch can be earned defeating enemies and completing dungeons in any Uber-9 Adventure Worlds. Can be Sold or Brought in the market place.

Open to receive Diamond Dragonite x 10

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Imported in Patch: Loot Collector, Vault Clubs, Steam Workshop

Designed by: Trove Team



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Diamond Dragonite Pouch

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