Citaria's Watery Cache

Citaria, Paragon Whale of Dusk and Singer of the Sea, grants these boons to the truly devoted.

Loot Collect this chest for 5 Citaria's Watery Treasure Urns (an Empowered Water Gem Box), 5 Lapis Luckbugs, 5 Golden Gem Keys, and 1 Builder's Superior Focus (a gem augment item).

Designed by: Trove Team


We have determined the following methods can be used to obtain this item, however there may be others we haven't listed yet.

Found in the following Lootboxes:

We don't have any Lootbox information that indicates this box is currently available.

The following lootboxes are no longer obtainable.

Crafted By

This item is crafted by the following recipe:

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como faz para abrir?


This model is not currently available on Troxel!


Imported in Patch: January 30, 2018

Designed by: Trove Team



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Citaria's Watery Cache

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